Travelogue: So which Birmingham do the Tory MEPs really represent?

01.9.2008 by André Natta · → 9 Comments

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West Midlands Conservative Party website homepage

Screenshot of Tory MEPs website front page.

We do normally start our day out with John’s A Look Back column, (which will make an appearance around 8 a.m. today) but we figured we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to point out something from “across the pond.”

We can thank Tom Watson for pointing out this error on this regional site for the English conservative party.

If you look closely at that screenshot (or visit their site, which as of 7:15 a.m. local time had still not been fixed) you’ll notice that the image is actually that of The Magic City. I’m finding it a little strange that the representatives in the region didn’t know enough to realize that the skyline was just a little different (though I’m assuming that we’re getting a great deal of attention online today as a city).


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