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#ALsnOMG11: The next day

A better perspective - #ALsnOMG11. acnatta/FlickrWe figured we’d share the view from just outside our window this morning. It may look beautiful, but it’s not something you’ll want to venture out in this morning if you don’t have to.

We’re currently hearing multiple reports of dangerous and impassible roads, layers of snow and ice blanketing the streets of metro Birmingham, AL and most area businesses (and government offices) are closed. While it’ll probably be nice to take a couple of pictures from right outside your door (we’ve set up a page with all of the ways you may do so & we’ll share any that come in), we’re hoping that folks for the most part stay inside today.

Photo: A better perspective – #ALsnOMG11. acnatta/Flickr.

Share your snow photos with The Terminal

A snowman on the Birmingham Green acnatta/FlickrThe Magic City looks more like a winter wonderland this morning than normal after a snowstorm passed through the city yesterday afternoon and evening, leaving the city with a rare 1-2″ inches of snow depending on where you were.

Whether at the Railroad Park construction site, the Birmingham Green (shown here) or over the mountain, It looked pretty cool yesterday and it’s a safe bet that you thought so too.

A photo gallery’s been set up on the site to showcase snowfall images you may want to share from yesterday or today. A few photos have already up too and we’re hoping that you’ll feel like adding yours to the mix. There will be definitely be some additional photos posted during the day from the site’s contributors.

Hopefully you were able to stay safe last night as roads iced over and area officials made the right decision to close most state highways and access to elevated portions of metro Birmingham interstates. Continue to use caution while out there this morning.

Photo: A snowman on the Birmingham Green. acnatta/Flickr

The snowfall across the pond

Measuring the Depth. RTPeat/FlickrAs we wait for the pending snow event arrive in Central Alabama, we figured it would be a good idea to take a look across the Atlantic at what residents in the United Kingdom and Ireland are going through.

Our friends at the Birmingham Post have two photo galleries (check out their Iron Man in the second link) and a live blog with updates from around the region. The photo accompanying this piece was taken about earlier today in Arborfield. An American in Ireland decided fill his readers in on the similarities between how prepared Dublin and Birmingham are to handle any accumulation.

All we ask is that you take care of yourselves out there tomorrow.

Photo: Measuring the Depth. RTPeat/Flickr.

Random Shots: What a difference a week makes

Bob Farley/f8Photo

As Birmingham wakes up to the start of Daylight Savings Time and hints at temperatures getting close to 80°, we thought we’d share a few images from last week’s snowfall.

Bob Farley headed out to Ruffner Mountain Nature Center shortly after the 3″ had finished accumulating, giving us this photo set over in The Gallery.


Snow falls on Birmingham… again

Hyacinth in Snow. James Faivre/photo submission

Hyacinth in Snow. James Faivre/Special to bhamterminal.com.

While we got just enough to make it interesting for those that woke up early this Saturday morning in Birmingham, you really wouldn’t be able to tell that we’d gotten a taste of winter the Friday before Daylight Savings Time begins for the U.S.

James Faivre’s image shows that there was still some beauty to behold today, even if only for a moment. Clicking on the image above will take you to a gallery of photos of taken by Bob Farley this morning out at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center.

Stay warm and don’t forget that you can share your pictures from this morning with us either by email (photos@bhamterminal.com) or by adding them to our Flickr group!

Snow’s returning to metro Birmingham

Snow in Alabama. Southernpixel/Flickr

Snow in Alabama. Southernpixel/Flickr

The word is that residents in Jefferson and Shelby Counties should be expecting to see about 1 ½ inches of the white stuff when they wake up in the morning. It’s a little ironic, considering it’s almost the 15th anniversary of The Blizzard of ‘93. Maybe we’ll see some more images like this one up above.

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Snow falls on Birmingham… again

snow downtown

André Natta/Flickr

Light snow fall has decided to grace metro Birmingham with its presence again this morning. Here’s the scene downtown across from our offices on Morris Avenue. Eventually it’s supposed to stop, but we may as well enjoy it for the time being.

I mean, it’s not necessarily stopping this from happening today.