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APT reflects on Birmingham this month

Southern Museum of Flight - Alabama Public Television

Southern Museum of Flight is the focus of one of the stories being told this month on Alabama Public Television’s “Alabama Stories.” Special to The Terminal.

Throughout the month of March, Alabama Public Television will have shows focusing on the city of Birmingham. “These stories are unique and they will give a different focus on the city,” said Kathie Martin, Assistant VP at Alabama Public Television. The shows will look at topics including Birmingham’s crime rate, the city’s Irish and Celtic heritage, and Alabama’s involvement in the “Bay of Pigs” invasion. Martin says that people need to know the history of not just Birmingham, but the entire state.

“A lot people may not know that Alabama played a big role in the “Bay of Pigs”, or they may need to know [about] the crime rate in Birmingham because they have children that attend schools like UAB or Jefferson State,” said Martin. Two of the pieces will be featured on the network’s series “Alabama Stories.”

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Snow falls on Birmingham… again

Hyacinth in Snow. James Faivre/photo submission

Hyacinth in Snow. James Faivre/Special to bhamterminal.com.

While we got just enough to make it interesting for those that woke up early this Saturday morning in Birmingham, you really wouldn’t be able to tell that we’d gotten a taste of winter the Friday before Daylight Savings Time begins for the U.S.

James Faivre’s image shows that there was still some beauty to behold today, even if only for a moment. Clicking on the image above will take you to a gallery of photos of taken by Bob Farley this morning out at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center.

Stay warm and don’t forget that you can share your pictures from this morning with us either by email (photos@bhamterminal.com) or by adding them to our Flickr group!

UPDATE: Birmingham remembers Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK day image

Bob Farley/f8Photo

UPDATE: 9:34 p.m., Click on the image above to view more images from earlier today (30 images, 2 pages).

The Rev. Abraham Woods sits behind the altar at 16th Street Baptist Church Monday afternoon. The Rev. Woods and other Civil Rights figures took part in today’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day march which started at Birmingham City Hall and ended at the church with a rally. The march and rally are just a few of the events held today to honor the memory of King.