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Tickets limited for Condi Rice lecture at BSC

Condoleezza Rice - courtesy of BSCFormer U.S. Secretary of State (and Birmingham, AL nativeCondoleezza Rice will be the featured speaker for this year’s Alex P. Stirling Lecture at Birmingham Southern College. The lecture, named for a BSC student who died of cancer in 1995, will take place on February 11 at the college’s Bill Battle Coliseum. You’ll need a ticket to get in to hear Stanford University’s former provost speak even though it is a free event and they first will go to students, faculty, staff and alumni before being opened to the general public (as it should be).

Those interested in securing whatever tickets may be left are encouraged to fill out the request form at the bottom of the page announcing the lecture located on the college’s website. They’ve got all of the other information that you’ll need over there as well.

Photo: courtesy of BSC website.

How crooked is Birmingham?

Local blogger Wade Kwon is tackling this question via a month-long series on Wade on Birmingham, taking a look at some of Birmingham’s Biggest Crooks. The site describes the series as “a celebration of Birmingham’s most notorious crooks, whether they be liars, thieves, extortionists, swindlers or thugs.” If you’re in love with RSS feeds, you can even subscribe to one just to follow along.

The series’ calendar ends on August 31, the same day that Birmingham’s mayor, Larry Langford, is scheduled to go on trial on federal bribery and conspiracy charges.

Travelogue: Preservation in Pink looks at B’ham’s history

Preservation in Pink headerPreservation in Pink contributors Kaitlin O’Shea and Vinny Healy recently visited Birmingham for a few days, getting a chance to take in some of our historic sites. Of course, this means a series of posts on the preservation-issues site, beginning with this one on Kelly Ingram Park and its historic surroundings. It should be an interesting series.

We Have Signal needs us!

If you haven’t seen the APT series We Have Signal… you need to check it out, like now or learn more about it by checking out this post from October. Bham.fm shared a note from series producer Matt Whitson earlier this month – a plea for help as the network’s recent budget cuts does threaten the long-term existence of this music series. One way to help is to head on over to Bottletree tonight to check out the benefit show. And you’re still here on the site because…

Random Shots: Get on board!

Vintage Birmingham streetcar in San Francisco

An old friend of The Magic City. acnatta/Flickr.

No, Larry didn’t have the streetcars re-installed overnight for the morning commute… Just figured I’d share this image with you on this Tuesday morning. It’s somewhat appropriate with today’s air quality alert for Jefferson and Shelby Counties and Birmingham’s mayor calling for transit system overhauls that we get a chance to check out what could be (and what is). While I wish I could say that I planned to take this image and attempt to follow Sen. Obama’s trip to San Francisco this past weekend, I did hope to take a look at one of the cities that put a bid in for the 2016 Summer Games while getting some great suggestions for ways to improve the site at WordCamp SF (while doing research for WordCamp Birmingham – taking place in September). The results – we’ll start sharing tomorrow (after I get over a minor case of let lag).

APT reflects on Birmingham this month

Southern Museum of Flight - Alabama Public Television

Southern Museum of Flight is the focus of one of the stories being told this month on Alabama Public Television’s “Alabama Stories.” Special to The Terminal.

Throughout the month of March, Alabama Public Television will have shows focusing on the city of Birmingham. “These stories are unique and they will give a different focus on the city,” said Kathie Martin, Assistant VP at Alabama Public Television. The shows will look at topics including Birmingham’s crime rate, the city’s Irish and Celtic heritage, and Alabama’s involvement in the “Bay of Pigs” invasion. Martin says that people need to know the history of not just Birmingham, but the entire state.

“A lot people may not know that Alabama played a big role in the “Bay of Pigs”, or they may need to know [about] the crime rate in Birmingham because they have children that attend schools like UAB or Jefferson State,” said Martin. Two of the pieces will be featured on the network’s series “Alabama Stories.”

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Joe Minter’s art at Vulcan tonight

Joe Minter’s The Slave Ship - Andre Natta/The Terminal

Joe Minter’s The Slave Ship. André Natta/The Terminal

This is one of the many pieces created by Joe Minter that will be discussed during the last installment of Vulcan Park’s Collective Perspectives series beginning with cocktails and socializing at 5 p.m. in their visitors center. This calendar listing provides additional information about Emily Hannah’s presentation about the long-time Titusville resident.

If you really can’t come out, then check out Charles’ thoughts about that office park that you drive by on the way home… you know, the one on 280 – or do you? Though we think you should come out and enjoy that time you’d be sitting in traffic with us at Vulcan.