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Snow falls on Birmingham… again

snow downtown

André Natta/Flickr

Light snow fall has decided to grace metro Birmingham with its presence again this morning. Here’s the scene downtown across from our offices on Morris Avenue. Eventually it’s supposed to stop, but we may as well enjoy it for the time being.

I mean, it’s not necessarily stopping this from happening today.

Yes, Parliament House hotel’s coming down on Sunday

UPDATE: 2.16.2008 – Street closing information

We were hoping we’d be able to get that news up this evening before anyone else did, though the Birmingham Business Journal ended up beating us to the punch. We actually confirmed it with sources yesterday morning.

As far as a time goes, let’s just say that you’ll probably want to wake up pretty early this coming Sunday morning if you want to watch history take place – maybe some time around dawn. So there will probably be a few folks doing a double take as they drive down 20th Street on the way to church later Sunday morning.

We’d also not recommend trying to get too close if you do go down to “watch”; there’s a reason they normally keep you a few blocks away…