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Wanna be a hipster in Birmingham?

Hipster Crowd. E. Bartholomew/Flickr FreeThinkBham has posted a Hipster’s Guide to Birmingham, AL on their website to help transplants… well, let’s use their words:

“I want people new to the Birmingham area or having to move here (god bless you) to have an easy way of finding out where to hang, drink, meet people, whatever.”

They’re inviting folks to comment and add on to their list as well, so how about heading over there and doing just that. It also wouldn’t be fair to not give a hat tip to A Trip Down South for bringing FreeThinkBham’s post to this site’s attention.

Photo: Hipster Crowd. E. Bartholomew/Flickr

An online manifesto for Alabama’s Magic City

Magic City Manifesto headerOne of the newest blogs to grace computer screens around metro Birmingham is Magic City Manifesto. L.K. Whitney recently started the blog in December after moving here from Charleston, SC. She describes the purpose of the site via a manifesto that says among other things:

“Magic City Manifesto is a personal journey to find the very best this city has to offer.”

Take a moment to check out how her journey’s going. A recent post should remind folks that there’s never a good excuse for saying that there’s nothing to do in Birmingham. You may even want to check out Whitney’s Twitter account too…

PostSecrets to be revealed at UAB on Thursday

IMG_0583 joelogon/FlickrIf you’re not familiar with the popular blog PostSecret, you may want to click on the link and get acquainted; then you’ll have a reason to be excited about the creator of the site, blogger Frank Warren, being in Birmingham on Thursday evening, October 22.

UAB’s student newspaper, Kaleidoscope, first reported about the lecture, entitled “The Most Trusted Speaker in America: Frank Warren’s ‘PostSecret,’” last week. Warren’s also included the appearance on recent blog posts and in Facebook invitations to his appearances. UAB students get in for free while general admission tickets will be $10.

Photo: IMG_0583 joelogon/Flickr.

How crooked is Birmingham?

Local blogger Wade Kwon is tackling this question via a month-long series on Wade on Birmingham, taking a look at some of Birmingham’s Biggest Crooks. The site describes the series as “a celebration of Birmingham’s most notorious crooks, whether they be liars, thieves, extortionists, swindlers or thugs.” If you’re in love with RSS feeds, you can even subscribe to one just to follow along.

The series’ calendar ends on August 31, the same day that Birmingham’s mayor, Larry Langford, is scheduled to go on trial on federal bribery and conspiracy charges.

Under construction…

For those of you visiting the front page today, yes, we’re aware that the front page looks a little… different.

We’re in the process of launching our new site design, so we’ll be making additional changes to the site throughout the weekend. Please bear with us – we should be in good shape come Monday morning.

Stay tuned…

Join Stephen’s 5K team in February

wambheaderStephen Vinson started Who Ate My Blog? in February of this year. The purpose of the blog is simple – a friend challenged him to lose 300 pounds between February of this year and April of 2010. If he’s successful, his friend has promised him an all-expense paid trip to the Talladega 500 (complete with limo).

One of Stephen’s goals is to walk a 5K; he’s chosen to participate in the 2010 BE&K 5K benefiting Kid One Transport. He’s even saying that there may even be some t-shirts made up for those willing to be part of the WhoAteMyBlog.com team… Leave a comment on his post and let him know if you’re interested.

Keeping an eye on foreclosures in Birmingham

Gusty Gulas is doing just that – keeping track of what’s going on in the local foreclosure scene for those interested in the possibilities. There has been a great deal of talk about this in recent months as several folks continue to say that it’s the best time ever to buy a home, even though some are now starting to feel guilty about taking advantage of others misfortune.

His blog is just two months old (and he’s also got a Twitter profile), but he seems to be staying on top of things pretty well.