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Why change the South’s largest magazine?

Southern Living's October 2009 cover.That’s a question that readers and former employees of Time Inc.’s Southern Progress Corporation‘s Southern Living magazine have probably been asking for a while now. The new look of “the South’s largest magazine” was unveiled via mailboxes and newsstands recently.

One other major change for the magazine recently; for the first time in SL’s history, the editor in chief is a woman. Eleanor Griffin’s got one goal in mind according to an interview recently conducted by Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, School of Journalism – staying Southern.

Check out the full interview with Eleanor Griffin, where she answers some pressing questions, on Husni’s website, Mr. Magazine.

Under construction…

For those of you visiting the front page today, yes, we’re aware that the front page looks a little… different.

We’re in the process of launching our new site design, so we’ll be making additional changes to the site throughout the weekend. Please bear with us – we should be in good shape come Monday morning.

Stay tuned…

On the hub: New faces and questions

Well, there’s a familiar one in there as well. One thing you’ll no doubt notice as you return from the holiday weekend next week is a couple of changes to the front page so those of you that visit the site regularly know what’s going on elsewhere on The Terminal. However, for the time being:

You’ve got until noon tomorrow to enter for a chance to win tickets to The Duke Spirit show at The Bottletree this weekend;

Terri’s returned and so has In Love With, and just in time for the holidays;

It seems a lot of folks are in love with Josh’s review of Maki Fresh;

and we’re wondering what favorite Thanksgiving dish are you looking forward to having on your table come Thursday?

And we’ll give you two ways to let us know if you’re coming out to Speakeasy on December 5 – Facebook and Upcoming.

Find your way on MAX online

Screenshot of BJCTA’s new website

Before we return to silent mode, we figured it would make sense to stress to folks to check out the tranist authority’s new website. New features include a ticker-style rider alert, planned integration of Google Transit, and most importantly, an easier to read and understand map for the system’s users.

Check it out and let us know what you think below.

Urbanham launches redesign

Screenshot of Urbanham.com

Urbanham.com is about to celebrate ten years of being Birmingham’s web portal for urban lifestyles. Sounds like it’s a perfect time to do a site redesign to us. For the web designers among our readership, the site is now powered using WordPress. Check it out…

UPDATE: The Birmingham News… it’s gone blog!

Screenshot of Birmingham News test page

Screenshot of potential “new” Birmingham News homepage.

Well, apparently not yet… though we were able to catch this screenshot of a revamped Birmingham News homepage about mid-morning – though it’s currently gone back to its original state. The redesign resembled the layout that is currently in use on al.com’s entertainment section.

We’re not sure if we just stumbled across something by accident or not, but we’re sure that our friends at al.com will let us know…

UPDATE: 1:12 p.m. – According to the folks at the paper, the page has been fixed, and it is now active as it is picture above. It was suffering problems due to the severe weather affecting the region right now.