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Why change the South’s largest magazine?

Southern Living's October 2009 cover.That’s a question that readers and former employees of Time Inc.’s Southern Progress Corporation‘s Southern Living magazine have probably been asking for a while now. The new look of “the South’s largest magazine” was unveiled via mailboxes and newsstands recently.

One other major change for the magazine recently; for the first time in SL’s history, the editor in chief is a woman. Eleanor Griffin’s got one goal in mind according to an interview recently conducted by Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, School of Journalism – staying Southern.

Check out the full interview with Eleanor Griffin, where she answers some pressing questions, on Husni’s website, Mr. Magazine.

More lists, always with the lists

The latest list to appear comes from Birmingham, AL based Southern Living. Readers will be able to check out the list of the best places in the South in the January issue – or there is another option.

Jackie Hutcherson over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch decided to review and share the lists over on Hit the Road, Jack. While we didn’t make the best city list (and FYI – Charleston got top honors there), Homewood made the list of best neighborhoods to shop. Highlands Bar and Grill and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens made lists too; you should hop on over and see which ones.

He looks so much taller…

Looking up at Vulcan. acnatta/FlickrWell, apparently Vulcan is tall and old (he just celebrated his 104th); he’s just not the tallest statue in the South. That honor goes to The Golden Driller in Tulsa, OK. The Big Guy atop Red Mountain does get to claim being the fifth tallest according to the list posted to Southern Living’s Tales from the Road blog yesterday.

You know, it does look like it would be a pretty cool road trip though… (see the map at the bottom of the post). Plus, you can’t beat having the tallest statue in the South also doing double duty as the namesake for a minor league baseball team

Paws on the Patio visits Mt. Laurel

Hand in Paw has announced that Area 41 Pizza in Mt. Laurel will host Paws on the Patio every Monday through the month of June. The restaurant will donate 8% of the evenings’ sales to Hand in Paw. They’ve also promised announcements of additional locations in the near future.
There will also be a photographer from Southern Living taking pictures for an article about Paws on the Patio during this evening’s gathering at the restaurant beginning at 5:30 p.m. They’re asking that you show up dressed in bright spring colors and that if you are part of a therapy team they’d like you to come out to represent Hand in Paw in your uniform. Sounds like a great way to spend Cinco de Mayo while dining with your dog for a good cause – and a chance that you might be an upcoming issue of Southern Living!