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The Memorial Day weekend countdown is here…

So let’s give you a few things to do to fill that last half hour fifteen minutes…

I was one of three bloggers that were interviewed for this week’s episode of WBHM‘s arts and culture program Tapestry. The segment was on blogging and featured myself, Wade Kwon and Ashley Umbaugh. You can check out the story as it ran or the excerpts from my extended interview. If you want to hear it on the radio, it’s on tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. on 90.3 FM.

Our conductor Jason Donaldson’s still suffering from the spill he took on his bike a couple of weeks ago, but he’s pulled together a great set of musical options for you to check out for the weekend. You can always follow Jason on Twitter to see what else he’s up to.

How about letting us know just what you’re doing this weekend… it’s our Magic City Question after all.

Lights and tradition, and a little boost

Head on over to Timetable and you can check out Terri’s ideas for having fun one evening during the holiday season¬†and Josh’s look at holiday celebrations at one of Birmingham’s historic West Side sites. Plus, you may be able to help the guys from Wild Sweet Orange get into heavy rotation on MTVu. Sounds like a reason to head on over, doesn’t it?

Of course, you could just share your favorite song of the holiday season with everyone over on Magic City Question … maybe…

On the hub: New faces and questions

Well, there’s a familiar one in there as well. One thing you’ll no doubt notice as you return from the holiday weekend next week is a couple of changes to the front page so those of you that visit the site regularly know what’s going on elsewhere on The Terminal. However, for the time being:

You’ve got until noon tomorrow to enter for a chance to win tickets to The Duke Spirit show at The Bottletree this weekend;

Terri’s returned and so has In Love With, and just in time for the holidays;

It seems a lot of folks are in love with Josh’s review of Maki Fresh;

and we’re wondering what favorite Thanksgiving dish are you looking forward to having on your table come Thursday?

And we’ll give you two ways to let us know if you’re coming out to Speakeasy on December 5 – Facebook and Upcoming.

Explore the hub today!

In case you thought there wasn’t anything going on around The Terminal today, we’ve got Terri Dann’s return to In Love With action over on Timetable sharing her adventures with wedding planning and we’re hoping that you’ll let us know who your favorite band is when you answer our latest Magic City Question

Take a look around

Every once in a while, we forget about how many people read The Terminal via our RSS feed. As a result, we know that a lot of folks won’t necessarily know what’s going on elsewhere on the site. So this is that point where we remind you about what else is up on Birmingham’s hub and invite you to poke around…

Over on Timetable, Charles shares his thoughts on the city’s Art Deco architecture while Whitney reminds us of two great options for live music this evening. I took a moment yesterday and wrote a piece wondering aloud what would happen if Mayor Langford joined the ranks of the bloggers (and some other mayors) and posted on a regular basis over on my Birmingham… Look around, comment, dance if you really feel like it (though the music’s not here… yet).

You know you wanna find out…

So Libby’s going to start leaking IN spots over on Timetable today… no, seriously.

Last weekend of the month… got plans?

Yippee, it’s the last weekend of the month. We can either mourn the passing of time or celebrate it. I’m going to choose to celebrate. Offerings for this weekend include an outdoor music concert, jerk chicken and some fast action in the rink. So head over to Timetable and read all about it.