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Explore the hub today!

In case you thought there wasn’t anything going on around The Terminal today, we’ve got Terri Dann’s return to In Love With action over on Timetable sharing her adventures with wedding planning and we’re hoping that you’ll let us know who your favorite band is when you answer our latest Magic City Question

Take a look around

Every once in a while, we forget about how many people read The Terminal via our RSS feed. As a result, we know that a lot of folks won’t necessarily know what’s going on elsewhere on the site. So this is that point where we remind you about what else is up on Birmingham’s hub and invite you to poke around…

Over on Timetable, Charles shares his thoughts on the city’s Art Deco architecture while Whitney reminds us of two great options for live music this evening. I took a moment yesterday and wrote a piece wondering aloud what would happen if Mayor Langford joined the ranks of the bloggers (and some other mayors) and posted on a regular basis over on my Birmingham… Look around, comment, dance if you really feel like it (though the music’s not here… yet).