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The Magic City through NPR’s lens

NPR & 90.3 WBHM logosBirmingham, AL and the surrounding metro area have received a great deal of attention in recent months on NPR. Area member stations, specifically WBHM, helped make many people aware of what happened here and throughout the state of Alabama and continue to share information about the recovery efforts currently underway.

NPR Music recently did a piece on Gip’s Place in Bessemer, calling it “a dream” and making several local fans of the music venue happy about its getting national attention. The local blues spot had been the focus of several local pieces recently including one in B-Metro Magazine last year.

Most notably, the NPR series The State of the Re:Union (created by¬†Al Letson as an entry in the Public Radio Talent Quest back in 2007) recently visited Alabama’s Magic City to take a look at how things are going – and perhaps to break through a few perceptions as well. The episode is currently available for download from the series’ website. The site also has short documentaries filmed during the visit, like this piece about – you guessed it – Gip’s Place.

WBHM goes for another One and Done on Thursday

WBHM logoFans of Birmingham’s public radio station, WBHM, have a couple of reasons to be paying close attention to the station in the coming weeks. First of all, their successful One and Done! fundraising campaign returns this Thursday, October 22. They’re asking supporters to consider making their donations in advance (maybe even online if they’re so inclined).

They’ve also announced changes to their weekday evening and weekend lineup (available for viewing in PDF format) beginning on November 14. Yes, if you’re noticing something too, you may want to check out the frequently asked questions about the changes.

We’re interested in hearing what you think about the changes.

The Memorial Day weekend countdown is here…

So let’s give you a few things to do to fill that last half hour fifteen minutes…

I was one of three bloggers that were interviewed for this week’s episode of WBHM‘s arts and culture program Tapestry. The segment was on blogging and featured myself, Wade Kwon and Ashley Umbaugh. You can check out the story as it ran or the excerpts from my extended interview. If you want to hear it on the radio, it’s on tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. on 90.3 FM.

Our conductor Jason Donaldson’s still suffering from the spill he took on his bike a couple of weeks ago, but he’s pulled together a great set of musical options for you to check out for the weekend. You can always follow Jason on Twitter to see what else he’s up to.

How about letting us know just what you’re doing this weekend… it’s our Magic City Question after all.

Steve’s last day is Oct. 3

It won’t exactly be the same when you hear Steve Chiotakis‘ voice on the radio after October 3 – mainly because he’ll be ending his reports saying “Marketplace” instead of “WBHM.”

The local host of NPR’s Morning Edition (serving as a companion to many drivers during their commutes) and reporter for our local public radio station is leaving Birmingham to become a reporter for the Marketplace Morning Report, produced out of Los Angeles. The folks at 90.3 FM have an announcement about his departure up on their site. Plus, you may want to check out Steve’s personal site (the first link) in case you’re looking to buy…

Langford profiled on NPR

We figured that many people may not have heard the NPR profile of Birmingham’s mayor filed by WBHM’s own Tanya Ott. It aired during Saturday’s broadcast of All Things Considered and takes a look at how the ride’s going so far. It definitely not the first time he’s been the focus of national media; he’s also been interviewed recently by the CBS Evening News about his four day work week program.

Sweet music for some local NPR fans

WBHM logoThat may be the sound of local public radio fans enjoying the sound of NPR programming becoming more noticeable on Birmingham’s Alabama Public Radio station WBHM 90.3 FM. The station has announced that due to the Classical Public Radio Network‘s planned closure before the end of the year, they will be introducing three new shows from NPR to our local programming schedule.

The three new shows, The Diane Rehm Show, Here and Now, and Talk of the Nation.will begin broadcasting locally on Monday, March 31.

The radio station’s website has additional information about the changes being made, coincidentally during their spring pledge drive.