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Promoting compassion for animals and people…

The Chicago Tribune shined the spotlight on the work of Cynthia Bathurst, a recipient of the American Veterinary Medical Association‘s 2009 Humane Award. in yesterday’s edition of the paper. The Birmingham, AL native currently serves as the head of Safe Humane Chicago, a “2-year-old effort to fight violence by promoting compassion for animals as well as people,” as reported by the Mobile Press-Register earlier today.

The program works with more than 60 area organizations, including schools and churches and community groups to help get a message of anti-violence out to residents in the city’s high-crime areas.

Bathurst has also been featured on the City of Chicago’s website and was a founder of D.A.W.G.

The Gardens have gone 2.0


Screenshot of the Birmingham Botanical Garden’s blog, The Garden Dirt.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens have been embracing the world of social media in recent weeks, introducing a Twitter feed, @bbgardens, as well as launching a new blog called The Garden Dirt Blog. In addition, they have a Flickr profile and a fan page on Facebook.

An ever influential virtual influence on people learning about one of the state’s largest natural physical destinations.

Bhamwiki’s now on Twitter

A lot of folks love the nuggets made available on our site weekeday mornings courtesy of BhamWiki. Now they’ve made it so you can get information from them even more often.

They’ve recently created their own BhamWiki Twitter profile, we think in part to expose people to everything that’s on it. We also think it’s a great way to maybe get some more folks interested in getting involved with the project. We’re definitely planning to use the wiki more often as our site begins to morph yet again.

Langford profiled on NPR

We figured that many people may not have heard the NPR profile of Birmingham’s mayor filed by WBHM’s own Tanya Ott. It aired during Saturday’s broadcast of All Things Considered and takes a look at how the ride’s going so far. It definitely not the first time he’s been the focus of national media; he’s also been interviewed recently by the CBS Evening News about his four day work week program.

Birmingham through the eyes of a fan

Birmingham, AL's Squidoo page

Screenshot of Birmingham, Alabama on Squidoo

For those not familiar with Squidoo, it’s a really cool online tool that allows you to share information about any topic you can possibly think of on one page, called lenses.

Well, one of our fans on Facebook shared their Squidoo page about Birmingham and now we’re going to share it with you so you can help it grow.

Got any other websites you want to share with us (or others) you can always post links on the wall of our  page on Facebook or you can visit The Rumble and learn of other ways to help us share stuff with others about what’s going on.

Follow City Stages on Twitter

Screenshot of City Stages' Twiter profile

Screenshot of City Stages’ Twitter profile page.

Birmingham’s annual downtown music festival has recently introduced a Twitter profile to the mix of ways to keep track of what’s going on. The popular (and recently erratic) microblogging program allows people to follow people, places and in this case events either on the web, or using your cell phone’s SMS feature. If used effectively, it could let people know about delays in acts taking the stage and other events associated with the festival among other things.

We’ve been quiet with our Twitter profile recently, but hopefully that will change this week…

al.com is live – on Twitter!

aldotcom Twitter profile screenshot

Screenshot of al.com’s Twitter page.

So just before I was about to say that it was a shame that al.com hadn’t gotten it’s own Twitter profile yet – poof! – it magically appears.

Most of the mainstream media in the city recently joined the Twitterverse (even if they aren’t all joining in the conversation that it’s supposed to be spawning). Luckily though, unlike the tweets sent out by The Birmingham News, the links from the al.com feed actually take you directly to the stories directly.

Still waiting for that first Fox 6 tweet though…