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The Gardens have gone 2.0


Screenshot of the Birmingham Botanical Garden’s blog, The Garden Dirt.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens have been embracing the world of social media in recent weeks, introducing a Twitter feed, @bbgardens, as well as launching a new blog called The Garden Dirt Blog. In addition, they have a Flickr profile and a fan page on Facebook.

An ever influential virtual influence on people learning about one of the state’s largest natural physical destinations.

An auspicious social media day

I wanted to take a moment to remind you that today is 08.08.08, considered an auspicious day to many. Not only is it the opening day of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, but it’s also the day announced for the latest installment of Another 24 hours of Flickr. Click on the image below to learn more information and see how you can participate.

888 logo from Flickr.com

If you want folks to know what you’re doing during the opening day of the Olympics and you use Twitter, you’ll want to make sure that you add #080808 to your tweets and check out this blog post from the folks at the microblogging service to find out how to track. And we’re not even talking about how many folks getting married today

You want to help out the Library of Congress?

Screenshot of The Commons - Flickr

Screenshot from The Commons – Flickr.com

Yes, you read that headline right… THE Library of Congress (with a little help from Flickr that is). The partnership, called The Commons, began in June 2007 according to the project page, providing an opportunity for us, the public, to join in on the continuing conversation of history. It is a pilot program, one that will hopefully encourage other cultural institutions to share some of their archives with the world of web users.

Whether it’s a photograph from Birmingham, AL or Birmingham, MI, our help on this project is unmeasurable, so take a moment and browse through a few of these glimpses into our country’s past. It will do a great deal to help its future.