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WorkPlay foreclosure sale postponed, deal in works

It’s an early holiday gift for fans of WorkPlay. We received word via an email earlier this afternoon from WorkPlay‘s Alan Hunter that the foreclosure sale of the entertainment venue scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) has been postponed by the bank due to to a pending deal. The announcement was also relayed via Alan’s Facebook profile shortly thereafter.

More than 14,000 people joined the Save WorkPlay Facebook fan page after Dana Jaffe reported on The Second Front that the popular Southside venue was being threatened with foreclosure back on October 21, with pieces by The Birmingham News‘ Mary Carluso helping to raise the awareness level.

The support has not gone unnoticed by those at WorkPlay.

Photo: Overview of WorkPlay’s bar from 2006. André Natta/bhamterminal.com.

Meet Soledad, The Bottletree’s fawn

Soledad. acnatta/FlickrA notable member of The Bottletree‘s family has been on an extended vacation recently. The fawn that normally graces the liquor shelves of the Avondale eatery and music venue hitched a ride with London-based band The xx shortly after their March 23 performance there. They decided to name the fawn “Soledad” and they captured images from the journey and shared them via a blog. Soledad also apparently set up her own Twitter account but never used it. The fawn has recently returned to its perch overlooking the happenings at The Bottetree’s bar.

According to the most recent post, more adventures will be shared soon.

It was not the first item to ever hitch a ride with the band – you may also want to meet Richard the Hamster

Photo: Soledad. acnatta/Flickr

Farewell, Cave9

cave9Bham.fm reported yesterday that long-time Birmingham indie music venue Cave9 had officially closed its doors over the weekend. The local music website has a list of the shows that have been moved to GreenCup Books while also providing a fond farewell for the all ages venue – in all of its forms.

If you weren’t familiar with the venue, here’s a story written for The Birmingham Buzz back in 2008 when it was still on Magnolia Avenue. There’s also the chance that more news will be available from their MySpace profile, their page on Facebook or their Twitter feed in the coming days…

The Gardens have gone 2.0


Screenshot of the Birmingham Botanical Garden’s blog, The Garden Dirt.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens have been embracing the world of social media in recent weeks, introducing a Twitter feed, @bbgardens, as well as launching a new blog called The Garden Dirt Blog. In addition, they have a Flickr profile and a fan page on Facebook.

An ever influential virtual influence on people learning about one of the state’s largest natural physical destinations.

Where is WordCamp Birmingham?

WordCamp Birmingham logo - sunburstSo, it’s time for an update on WordCamp Birmingham. First of all, they’ve announced a new host venue for the conference’s Saturday events – the Martha Moore Sykes Studio at the Virginia Samford Theatre. They’ve also announced the initial lineup for speakers and the preliminary schedule (there will be more adjustments in the coming days).

Folks are starting to register for the event as well (it’ll close when it hits 125 people or 9/22/2008 – whichever comes first) and they’re still looking for additional sponsors for the event as well. We’ll have more to announce next week.

A new music venue plans fall opening

The site for Rogue - a new music venue in downtown Birmingham. acnatta/Flickr.


Folks that have been driving into downtown for work or play anytime in the last couple of weeks may have noticed a new sign hanging a couple of doors down from Urban Standard along 2nd Avenue North. It appears to be a new music venue preparing to open downtown called Rogue – one of many projects that seem to be taking place throughout the city center. It’s promising nightly entertainment, Cajun-inspired food and a full bar. We’ll see if we can’t get some more info in the near future for you.