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Free thinking in Birmingham


Screenshot of FreeThinkBham

A new addition to the Birmingham blogosphere, FreeThinkBham says that it’s “Birmingham’s guide to progressive action and info.”

The blog was launched last month and appears to be working towards being a one stop shop for information those that lean to the political left in The Magic City can turn to complete with a calendar of events.

Birmingham Times site gets redesigned

Screenshot of birminghamtimes.com.

It was bound to happen… The South’s largest Black newspaper (Birmingham-based) has updated their website and we think it looks pretty good. Here’s the link to the new Birmingham Times site – go check it out and share your thoughts.

Birmingham through the eyes of a fan

Birmingham, AL's Squidoo page

Screenshot of Birmingham, Alabama on Squidoo

For those not familiar with Squidoo, it’s a really cool online tool that allows you to share information about any topic you can possibly think of on one page, called lenses.

Well, one of our fans on Facebook shared their Squidoo page about Birmingham and now we’re going to share it with you so you can help it grow.

Got any other websites you want to share with us (or others) you can always post links on the wall of our  page on Facebook or you can visit The Rumble and learn of other ways to help us share stuff with others about what’s going on.

Health.com gets some link love from Matt

Screenshot of new Health.com website

Screenshot of relaunched Health.com website.

Birmingham-based Health Magazine, part of the Southern Progress stable of publications, got some kudos from Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress (the software used to run this very site incidentally, at least this version is), for their use of the open-source software on their recently redesigned website yesterday.

So we’re thinking that you need to check it out.

al.com is live – on Twitter!

aldotcom Twitter profile screenshot

Screenshot of al.com’s Twitter page.

So just before I was about to say that it was a shame that al.com hadn’t gotten it’s own Twitter profile yet – poof! – it magically appears.

Most of the mainstream media in the city recently joined the Twitterverse (even if they aren’t all joining in the conversation that it’s supposed to be spawning). Luckily though, unlike the tweets sent out by The Birmingham News, the links from the al.com feed actually take you directly to the stories directly.

Still waiting for that first Fox 6 tweet though…

NBC 13’s on Twitter

The Birmingham Twitterati is all abuzz with word that NBC 13 has joined the world of Twitter.

NBC 13 on Twitter

Screenshot of NBC13’s Twitter profile.

It looks like it’s part of a larger plan to have all NBC affiliates on the service.

They are not the first service online – that honor goes to The Birmingham News, who we believe has been using the service since last November.

Don’t forget you can follow us too – @bhamterminal.

Keeping track of the pulse in town

Birmingham Pulse screenshot

Screenshot of Birmingham Pulse

We wanted to take a moment to welcome all of our new followers on Twitter (BTW – want to follow us? It’s bhamterminal). We also wanted to make sure that you knew about a new site that allows all of us in Birmingham to keep track of each other using the popular service.

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