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UPDATE: For the love of squirrels atop Red Mountain

UPDATE #2: We’re happy to report that it was an issue with Twitter, and its profile is up again as of 9 p.m. 

UPDATE: A quick check of the profile at 8:30 p.m. shows that it’s been taken down.


Apparently one of Birmingham’s furry “critters” has been visiting the news set at NBC 13‘s studios atop Red Mountain, notably during the morning broadcasts. How popular has the squirrel become? It’s already got its own Twitter profile (and 63 followers already).

All we can hope is that it doesn’t get to the point where it’s not getting fed making it bad for others or worse, it decides to make its presence known in a more visible fashion

Where’s Brooke Smith?

Looks like we’ve had a lot of folks stumbling onto The Terminal recently trying to find out where NBC 13 traffic anchor Brooke Smith is. Well, according to her blog on the station’s website she hasn’t gone that far. The Albertville native is now preparing to host the latest edition to daytime news programming, Daytime Alabama, airing after their midday news broadcast.

The show doesn’t officially premiere until next month, though preview episodes aired last week.

UPDATE: The switch goes on

Despite Congress recently passing a delay of the switch from analog to digital television until June 12, many television stations (including several here in town) are still planning to go forward with “the switch” on the original date of February 17.

Currently NBC 13, CBS 42 and APT 9 all plan to proceed with the signal switch. We’d appreciate it if folks could chime in on if they know whether or not the other local stations will follow suit.

UPDATE: Just got word via Twitter (thanks James Spann) that ABC 33/40 will continue to broadcast in both analog and digital until June 12.

Last car, 30.2009


Wade Kwon of Wade on Birmingham needs your help before 3 p.m. tomorrow to pick which haiku he’ll be reading at BMA Speaks (one more link in case the museum’s site is still down).

Samford tuned up for its marquee matchup on Saturday with a win over Georgia Southern tonight.

Lt. Governor Jim Folsom, Jr. launched an Alabama Health Initiative earlier today statewide called the Lt. Governor’s Challenge, not to be confused with the Scale Back Alabama! campaign that’s already in full swing.

In other health related news, while Children’s Hospital began its new green project with a wrecking ball earlier today, the St. Vincent’s system‘s new president & CEO, John D. O’Neil, announced that he’d be leaving his current job in upsate New York yesterday.

Finally, for those who saw our tweet earlier today about NBC 13, Alec Harvey gets confirmation.

Photo: Untitled (Lyric Theater). MGShelton/Flickr.

Hungry? Here’s an option that gives back this week

This week area Guthrie’s restaurants & NBC 13 are giving away complimentary chicken boxes with donations made; proceeds will benefit the United Way of Central Alabama.

You may want to check out the list of the locations that will be taking part in this effort this week before you head out for lunch via United Way’s PDF.

NBC 13’s on Twitter

The Birmingham Twitterati is all abuzz with word that NBC 13 has joined the world of Twitter.

NBC 13 on Twitter

Screenshot of NBC13’s Twitter profile.

It looks like it’s part of a larger plan to have all NBC affiliates on the service.

They are not the first service online – that honor goes to The Birmingham News, who we believe has been using the service since last November.

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