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The UAB bills are filed in Montgomery as men’s basketball keeps dancing in Louisville

UAB Blaze at Bartow ArenaAs the UAB men’s basketball team prepared to tip-off against Iowa State on March 19 (in a game they ultimately won, 60-59), Alabama State Representative Jack Williams filed three bills aimed at dealing with concerns following the discontinuation of the university’s bowling, football, and rifle teams late last year. All three bills are currently awaiting action from the state house’s committee on education policy.

HB 339 would require those serving on university boards of trustees to complete mandatory training on the state’s ethics law, board governance, and accreditation standards including those of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. This bill has 63 co-sponsors.

The one likely to be watched closely will be HB 340, a modified version of the proposed changes first suggested by Williams in late November shortly before the announcement about the affected teams was first made. The bill as first described would have made Alabama the only public university board in the country with elected officials (as many as six) serving with full voting privileges. The proposal as submitted:

  • reduces the number of terms a trustee can serve from three to two;
  • calls for two seats to be filled from each congressional district while adding an additional seat from the congressional districts in which UAB and UAH exist to the extra one already in existence for the Tuscaloosa campus;
  • one seat each filled by appointment of the governing bodies of Birmingham, Huntsville, and Tuscaloosa (it was originally suggested these be filled by the mayors of each of these cities);
  • one seat each filled by appointment of the governing bodies (i.e., county commissions) in Jefferson, Madison, and Tuscaloosa counties (It was originally suggested for these to be the presidents of said commissions or their county manager);
  • one seat for each campus filled by an alum of the respective campuses to be appointed by the Governor to be chosen from a list of five names submitted by each campus’s alumni association;
  • one seat at-large filled by the lieutenant governor (with similar appointments made by the speaker of the house and the president pro tempore of the state senate;
  • Keeps the state superintendent and the Governor as ex officio members.

The board would no longer be self-appointing, with the task being handled by a committee consisting of the president pro temp of the board; one member of each alumni association (selected by each association’s board);  and the governor (or a designate that is not currently an employee of the system or any of its associated entities) serving as chair.

The bill has 41 co-sponsors.

HB 341 would require UAB field a football team with adequate funding to allow for competition at the Football Bowl Subdivision of NCAA Division I so long as the Tuscaloosa campus’s Crimson Tide remained active. This bill if passed would make Alabama the only state in the country to require that a football team be fielded for collegiate competition by its legislative body. This bill has 38 co-sponsors.

The bills await their debate while the men’s basketball team prepares to play UCLA on Saturday morning (11 a.m. CDT on CBS) or available via live streaming thanks to the NCAA.

UAB is going dancing on Tuesday

Congrats to the UAB Blazers mens basketball team for making it into this year’s NCAA Tournament! As you can tell from this video shared on CBS 42’s website last night, they were pretty excited about it themselves.

Last night UAB learned they’d be playing fellow No. 12 seed Clemson on Tuesday evening as one of the First Four games. Tip-off will be at 8 p.m. CT; the game will be played in Dayton, OH and aired on TruTV. They are one of two Conference USA teams in this year’s tournament, down from four last yearUAB brought home conference hardware last week, with Coach Mike Davis being named Conference USA coach of the year and guard Aaron Johnson garnering player of the year honors.

It will be the Blazers’ first trip to “The Dance” since the departure of former head coach Mike Anderson in 2006 and their 14th appearance overall.

Last night’s selection didn’t come without some folks questioning the choice (cue ESPN).

Video: CBS 42.

Metro Birmingham’s newest team is 1-1

Birmingham Steel logoIt makes sense for us to have a sports team in metro Birmingham named Steel.

The minor league basketball team is the fifth and newest member of the Continental Basketball League. They play their home games just up the road at Leeds High School.

They also just recorded their first home win (and their first win of the season) last night over the Wilmington Sea Dogs of North Carolina, 114-102.

Their first road game of the season is on Sunday in Savannah, GA.

The Tar Heels visits UAB Tuesday for NIT quarterfinal

UAB Blazers logoUnless you’ve been hiding out somewhere for the last few days, someone has to have already told you that the UAB Blazers will be playing host to last year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament championsUNC Chapel Hill, tomorrow evening at Bartow Arena (8 p.m. tipoff) for a men’s postseason NIT quarterfinal matchup. If not, well now you have.

The Blazers beat NC State to advance while the Tar Heels defeated Mississippi State. If you were hoping for a ticket for tomorrow night, you’re most likely out of luck. The game is officially sold out with some folks reselling them on eBay for as much as $400 each (though no one’s selling them on StubHub… yet). Plus, the game will be shown on ESPN.

There’s already a final score prediction on UAB’s student newspaper’s website while the folks at al.com have already set up a live chat for tomorrow’s game. Plus, earlier this afternoon there was word that UNC sophomore forward Tyler Zeller may not be available tomorrow evening, perhaps giving fans in Blazer Nation additional reasons for hope.

Last car, 30.2009


Wade Kwon of Wade on Birmingham needs your help before 3 p.m. tomorrow to pick which haiku he’ll be reading at BMA Speaks (one more link in case the museum’s site is still down).

Samford tuned up for its marquee matchup on Saturday with a win over Georgia Southern tonight.

Lt. Governor Jim Folsom, Jr. launched an Alabama Health Initiative earlier today statewide called the Lt. Governor’s Challenge, not to be confused with the Scale Back Alabama! campaign that’s already in full swing.

In other health related news, while Children’s Hospital began its new green project with a wrecking ball earlier today, the St. Vincent’s system‘s new president & CEO, John D. O’Neil, announced that he’d be leaving his current job in upsate New York yesterday.

Finally, for those who saw our tweet earlier today about NBC 13, Alec Harvey gets confirmation.

Photo: Untitled (Lyric Theater). MGShelton/Flickr.

Hicks takes to the hardcourt this weekend

Taylor Hicks - MySpace photoMembers of Taylor Hicks’ Soul Patrol need only look to cable television network ESPN this weekend tonight to catch a glimpse of the season 5 American Idol winner. He’s playing to a sold out audience, only it’s a crowd of basketball fans hoping for a great show. Hicks will be suiting up for the New Orleans team in this year’s NBA McDonald’s All-Star Celebrity Game. Tip off is 6 p.m. local time.

Before you think about hopping a flight or the train to get down there and catch a glimpse, tickets are already sold out. Plus, Hicks was apparently a point guard in high school, so it’s not impossible to think of him dishing it to Master P or WNBA star Ruth Riley.