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National Pancake Day is almost here!

National Pancake Day logoTuesday morning brings with a chance to enjoy a tasty tradition, while giving you an opportunity to support an extremely worthy cause.

IHOP will once again give away one short stack (read: three (3) buttermilk pancakes) per dine-in customer at participating restaurants as part of their National Pancake Day celebration. They hope that you’ll in return leave a donation and help them raise $2.3 million for the Children’s Miracle Network.

The network includes our own Children’s Hospital located on Birmingham’s Southside. They happened to send out a friendly reminder via Twitter on Monday afternoon. All four Birminghamarea locations will be participating this year.

This is the first time in five years that the promotion will not take place on Fat (Shrove) Tuesday but a week earlier.

Detours abound at Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital has just announced that there will be traffic detours as a result of construction on their new facility through January 2, 2010.

Motorists will want to avoid 5th Avenue South between 16th and 17th Streets. We’re assuming that you’ll want to definitely avoid it around evening rush hour – though it is the holidays so traffic may be reduced just enough where it may not affect things that much.

It’s time to eat some pancakes

Considering we couldn’t take advantage of that free Grand Slam at Denny’s after the Super Bowl very easily here in metro Birmingham, tomorrow gives you a chance to enjoy helping a good cause while enjoying some pancakes.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is National Pancake Day after all, giving customers across the country and at area IHOPs a chance to enjoy a free short stack in exchange for providing a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network. 100% of all donations received in Alabama will go to benefit Childrens Hospital. It would be another way to shine attention on their planned expansion.

Metro locations after the jump: Continue reading

Follow the progress of a “promise”


Screenshot of Children’s Hospital webcam feed.

Children’s Hospital broke ground last week on its new expansion facility on Birmingham’s Southside, one that will allow them to commit to being a greener part of our regional community. As part of the effort to make folks aware of the expansion of the hospital as part of the insitution’s “Keeping Promises” fundraising campaign, folks can keep up with the construction via webcam as well as see what the completed project will look like and be kept aware of road closings and events associated with it.

We’ll try to remind you from time to time to check in as well.

Help Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace Harrison is a three year old girl from Dothan, AL who was diagnosed with cancer last Spring. She is currently at Children’s Hosptial here in Birmingham, AL and she’s finished her final round (6 total) of chemo including a bone marrow transfusion. We found out about Hannah from one of our former contributors, Travis Bryant.

Hannah Grace needs our help. She is in dire need of platelets. They are continuously giving her blood and platelet transfusions. If you live in the state of Alabama you can donate the platelets. Giving platelets is the same process as giving blood.

  1. Call the American Red Cross at 888.905.3344
  2. Tell them that you want to donate platelets and you want to be a direct donor for Hannah Grace Harrison.
  3. They will take down your information and will call you back with a time to schedule the donation.

Last car, 30.2009


Wade Kwon of Wade on Birmingham needs your help before 3 p.m. tomorrow to pick which haiku he’ll be reading at BMA Speaks (one more link in case the museum’s site is still down).

Samford tuned up for its marquee matchup on Saturday with a win over Georgia Southern tonight.

Lt. Governor Jim Folsom, Jr. launched an Alabama Health Initiative earlier today statewide called the Lt. Governor’s Challenge, not to be confused with the Scale Back Alabama! campaign that’s already in full swing.

In other health related news, while Children’s Hospital began its new green project with a wrecking ball earlier today, the St. Vincent’s system‘s new president & CEO, John D. O’Neil, announced that he’d be leaving his current job in upsate New York yesterday.

Finally, for those who saw our tweet earlier today about NBC 13, Alec Harvey gets confirmation.

Photo: Untitled (Lyric Theater). MGShelton/Flickr.

Hospitals in the news this week

So for those that missed it this week, there were two significant developments in our local medical community, both involving new homes for long time institutions. On Wednesday, Childrens Hospital received approval from the state (and uncontested) to move forward with plans for a 700,000 square foot, $480 million replacement/expansion facility on its downtown Birmingham campus. They also received approval to add 57 licensed beds to its existing 275 bed capacity.

This preceded yesterday’s unanimous vote by the Birmingham City Council’s Committee of the Whole for approval of tax incentives for Trinity Medical Center‘s proposed hospital along U.S. 280. The package which includes incentives for adjacent property development, could total $55 million if it is approved during Tuesday’s council meeting. Who know’s what’s next?