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last car, 6.1.2011

sunflowers at Railroad Park

Photo: sunflowers at Railroad Park. Dystopos/Flickr.

last car, 5.31.2011

The Mighty Wurlitzer at the Alabama

Photo: The Mighty Wurlitzer at The Alabama Theatre. acnatta/Flickr

Late arrivals


Arrest announced: Prosecutors announced early this morning that they were filing capital murder charges against 27 year old Joacquas Haywood of Irondale related to the disappearance of Nadia Kersh eighteen months ago. Kersh’s mother shared her thoughts on the development via the Internet this afternoon.

Cost cutting: The Birmingham News reports that the Birmingham Board of Education narrowly approved a plan submitted by new school superintendent Craig Witherspoon that eliminates 40 admin positions. The superintendent sounded confident as he spoke with Fox 6 after the special meeting concluded.

Star drops by: Today City Councilors got a surprise visit from actor Wesley Snipes during their weekly meeting. He informed the councilors and those watching that his next film would be made in Alabama. According to The New York Timeshe’s got a few that are in the works

Photo: Mirrors. Kevin Worley/Flickr

Late arrivals

The Lyric (48 of 54). Josh Self/Flickr

Take heed: A voluntary precautionary recall of over the counter children’s medicine by drug maker MacNeil Consumer Healthcare was announced last Friday that included Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin.

Geek out: If you wanted to RSVP for Tuesday evening’s TechMixer Expo (organized by TechBirmingham), your last chance was at 5 p.m. Monday evening. That’s OK – walk-ins are welcome at the Sheraton Birmingham downtown.

Busy weekend: The Birmingham News reported today that 132 arrests were made during this past weekend’s Schaeffer Eye Care Crawfish Boil. Ninety of those were of minors possessing alcohol.

Enter The Marketplace: Birmingham Mayor William Bell introduced a proposal to build a new Westin hotel and an entertainment district adjacent to the BJCC to the City Council this afternoon. It must still be approved by the BJCC Board.

Photo: The Lyric (48 of 54). Josh Self/Flickr

Last car, 30.2009


Wade Kwon of Wade on Birmingham needs your help before 3 p.m. tomorrow to pick which haiku he’ll be reading at BMA Speaks (one more link in case the museum’s site is still down).

Samford tuned up for its marquee matchup on Saturday with a win over Georgia Southern tonight.

Lt. Governor Jim Folsom, Jr. launched an Alabama Health Initiative earlier today statewide called the Lt. Governor’s Challenge, not to be confused with the Scale Back Alabama! campaign that’s already in full swing.

In other health related news, while Children’s Hospital began its new green project with a wrecking ball earlier today, the St. Vincent’s system‘s new president & CEO, John D. O’Neil, announced that he’d be leaving his current job in upsate New York yesterday.

Finally, for those who saw our tweet earlier today about NBC 13, Alec Harvey gets confirmation.

Photo: Untitled (Lyric Theater). MGShelton/Flickr.

Last Car, 29.2009

absolutely no parking

The economic stimulus bill passed its first hurdle this evening, but do you want to see what the makeup of it was prior to its passage (and removal of $6 billion)? Check out this interactive map courtesy of ProPublica.

The Blazers got beat by Tulsa on a buzzer beater, 75-74. And if you thought you were going to that Samford vs. Davidson game on Saturday (like I did), you better have a ticket, cause they’re all gone.

The folks at Mayfield Ice Cream say it’s still safe to eat any of their products made with peanut butter.

Speaking of peanut butter, Mike’s saying there’s a chance we may see snow on Monday – only a chance, mind you…

Photo: absolutely no parking. briantmurphy/Flickr.

Last car, 6.24.2008

Officials unveiling the Alabama stamp are (left to right) Birmingham Postmaster Samuel Jaudon, Gov. Bob Riley, Montgomery Postmaster Teresa Welch, and Lee Sentell, director of Alabama Tourism. Courtesy - State of Alabama (Governor's Office)

Officials unveiling the Alabama stamp are (left to right) Birmingham Postmaster Samuel Jaudon, Gov. Bob Riley, Montgomery Postmaster Teresa Welch, and Lee Sentell, director of Alabama Tourism. Office of the Governor, State of Alabama.

Now you can send your friends a taste of Alabama when you send that next letter (since handwritten notes still mean a lot). The state is one of the first to be honored with a stamp that was unveiled today in Montgomery.

Just in case you were stuck in traffic early this morning along U.S. Hwy 280, it may have been because WERC‘s Leah Brandon decided to protest the current highly gas prices by riding her horse to work. You may want to check out the pictures on their site.

Men’s Health recently ranked the cities with the greenest drivers in the U.S. – and Birmingham was near the bottom of the list. We ended up ranked 96th with a grade of F. The top city – Seattle, WA…

But Birmingham was recently ranked as the top ranked Southern real estate market according to Money Magazine, beating out New Orleans and Baton Rogue, LA and placing quite high in the magazine’s overall listing of the top 100 U.S. real estate markets.

Today the City Council asked Mayor Langford to suspend the use of tasers following the death of Willie Maye; he said he would not consider their request until he’s had a chance to review the police report.