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last car, 2.1.2008

Shelby building

Portico. Burton24/Flickr

And the candidates just keep on coming… In this special Friday before Election Day edition of last car, some info that you might be interested in…

Mitt Romney’s joined the candidate parade into Birmingham by announcing a visit on Monday. Hillary’s sending in her husband, the former president himself, tomorrow to Miles College’s campus beginning at 12:30 p.m.

Let’s hope that our Bill sees his shadow tomorrow

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last car, 1.31.2008

7th Ave Sunset - briantmurphy/Flickr

7th Ave. Sunset.  briantmurphy/Flickr

The folks at Performa Entertainment Real Estate have decided on a name for the new entertainment district – The Forge. If you’re wondering why they chose it, check out the press release announcing it from earlier today.

Just when we were starting to know him, “family needs in Chicago” is taking Alabama Symphony Orchestra executive director Trey Devey away to Chicago after just six months. He’s definitely fallen in love with the city based on the comments he made to the Birmingham News.

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last car, 1.28.2008

Blue Trail - freethehops/flickr

Blue Trail. Photo credit: freethehops/Flickr

Late last week Jim N’ Nick’s announced plans to move their headquarters from Homewood to Liberty Park. It sounds like Station 5 may be just what the fast-growing franchise needs to maintain their edge.

It looks like area fans are finally beginning to speak out about the city’s latest entry into the world of professional sports. Track ’em Tigers gives Auburn fans reasons to root for the new home team when the AAFL’s Team Alabama takes the field on April 19. They even referred to Legion Field as beautiful and majestic (which makes us happy here but probably doesn’t sit well with a few folks).

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last car, 1.17.2008

Brother Bryan photo - bhamjay/Flickr

Brother Bryan Five Points South. Photo credit: bhamjay/Flickr

We figure everyone’s getting ready to make a run to the grocery store for peanut butter and bread (we’ll never quite understand why those two items) as we brace for the chance of some (potential) snow accumulations tomorrow evening.

Since you’re going to be settled in early tomorrow evening, you may want to check out the special on APTV tomorrow evening focusing on the Birmingham StartUp weekend that happened in September. The show starts at 7 p.m. and if you’ve got one of those HDTVs, you’ll even be able to watch the highlights in high definition, as reported on the project’s blog.

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last car, 1.7.2008

The Right Spot logoToday pastors gathered in council chambers at Birmingham City Hall to learn more about the mayor’s plan for providing WiFi access via hotspots originating from area churches. The Birmingham News filed this report while Curtis over at Musings on Birmingham posted live from the meeting. Fox 6 has video.

The folks at The Phog Blog have provided a post outlining the schedule for this year’s NCAA’s 70th annual Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, including a reminder that The Magic City will be hosting games during rounds 1 & 2 at the BJCC March 21 & 23. Tickets are available here for $153 a piece.

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last car, 1.3.2008

The line in front of Pete’s Famous Hot Dogs, the week of Christmas 2007

A holiday visit just wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Pete’s, even with the line. Photo credit: acnatta/

First of all (just because we didn’t link to it yesterday), here’s Mickey Ferguson and Birmingham mayor Larry Langford getting down Wednesday morning on Fox 6.

The final totals from the first round of 23 in 23 were released yesterday. Now hopefully these numbers will be down next time…

Yesterday was also an opportunity for community leaders to voice concerns about Mayor Langford’s plans to use unspent neighborhood funds to pay for improved lighting throughout the city.

You may also be wondering where all those green bikes used in the Regions campaign ended up – we know where 100 of them are

Three days, three homicides – an unfortunate start to 2008. The News, NBC13 and Fox 6 all are working to collect additional information.

last car, 12.19.2007

1926 3rd Avenue North

1926 3rd Avenue North. Photo credit: André Natta/Flickr

Tomorrow a called meeting of the Hoover Board of Education may lead to the naming of the man who will occupy what has become one of the most revered coaching positions in all of high school football. The Birmingham News reports that there are as many as six finalists that will be considered; the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shines a spotlight on one of them. Not to be lost in the buzz about the hiring is a decision about the former Berry Middle School property.

We’ll be riding around on vintage streetcars soon enough according to a plan proposed by BJCTA executive director David Hill this afternoon. The proposal would have a streetcar route running from the current MAX bus terminal (part of the proposed intermodal transit center) and connect it to Linn Park as part of phase I. That phase could be in place by 2010.

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