last car, 1.28.2008

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Blue Trail - freethehops/flickr

Blue Trail. Photo credit: freethehops/Flickr

Late last week Jim N’ Nick’s announced plans to move their headquarters from Homewood to Liberty Park. It sounds like Station 5 may be just what the fast-growing franchise needs to maintain their edge.

It looks like area fans are finally beginning to speak out about the city’s latest entry into the world of professional sports. Track ’em Tigers gives Auburn fans reasons to root for the new home team when the AAFL’s Team Alabama takes the field on April 19. They even referred to Legion Field as beautiful and majestic (which makes us happy here but probably doesn’t sit well with a few folks).

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Don’t forget that if you’re interested in being a Tragic City Roller, Rookie Week begins tomorrow.

Rosa Parks will honored as the newest member of the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame this March. Here’s how a Champaign, IL television station reported about the news last week.

and in national news, while people gathered to see how many drinks they would have during the 2008 State of the Union address, we’ll take a moment to let you know that Lego turned 50 today… so of course Google decided that they had to honor them on their front page.

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