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Where to watch Election night returns in Birmingham

I’ve been spending most of the day moving (after waiting in line to vote early this morning), so I’ve actually avoided most of the last minute politicizing. It also looks like I’ll be spending the evening unpacking the house (and settling into The Terminal’s new offices), but you… you have options.

Here are just a few choices after the jump.

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You know, there’s a primary on June 3

It seems that unless the offices of governor or president are on the ballot, most people tend to stay home on Primary Day. Eight Democratic groups in the greater Birmingham metro area are hoping to make people aware of the options that will be on the ballot come June 3 and to convince them to come out and vote, most notably for them in the race for the Senate seat currently occupied by Jeff Sessions. They will be hosting a Democratic Candidate Primary Forum at the Homewood Library next Tuesday, May 20 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

We’ll be updating the destinations calendar later on today with more details (though that link to the OTM Democrats should provide enough info to get you started).

UPDATE: Election ’08: Bell wins District 1 Commission seat

While folks will no doubt spend the evening waiting to find out if their candidate has gained more electoral delegates in the closest this country has ever come to a national primary, we can go to bed knowing the outcome of at least one race in metro Birmingham.

UPDATED: These are the results as of 9:51 p.m.:

Kamau Afrika 1,195 3.84
William Bell 17,373 55.82
George “General” Bowman 4,882 15.69
Orville Ifill 1,357 4.36
Eric Major 3,176 10.20
Fred “Coach” Plump 3,139 10.09

Former President Clinton campaigns for Hillary at Miles

Bill Clinton in Birmingham

Chris “Mojo” Denbow/PhotoMojo.info

A large crowd gathered on the campus of Miles College to hear a speech from former President Bill Clinton earlier this afternoon. It was one of two public appearances that Clinton made in support of his wife’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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McCain stumps in downtown Birmingham

McCain in Birmingham 2.2008

Bob Farley/f8photo

More than 800 people showed up for Sen. John McCain’s appearance at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Birmingham on Saturday afternoon. He was introduced by his wife and U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus.

After speaking for about 30 minutes, he greeted his supporters before addressing the media directly in a series of one on-ones.

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last car, 2.1.2008

Shelby building

Portico. Burton24/Flickr

And the candidates just keep on coming… In this special Friday before Election Day edition of last car, some info that you might be interested in…

Mitt Romney’s joined the candidate parade into Birmingham by announcing a visit on Monday. Hillary’s sending in her husband, the former president himself, tomorrow to Miles College’s campus beginning at 12:30 p.m.

Let’s hope that our Bill sees his shadow tomorrow

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Random Shots: Inside Clinton’s Birmingham campaign headquarters

Inside Clinton’s Birmingham campaign headquarters

Dawn Smalls, Reginal Political Director of the Clinton campaign, middle, and Maurice Mercer, right, talk about handing out signs and buttons. Another volunteer, Ralph Grady, left, was also there helping out. Bob Farley/f8Photo

Hillary Clinton recently opened a Birmingham campaign headquarters at 1614 3rd Avenue North in advance of the Democratic primaries being held on February 5 in 22 states.