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You know, there’s a primary on June 3

It seems that unless the offices of governor or president are on the ballot, most people tend to stay home on Primary Day. Eight Democratic groups in the greater Birmingham metro area are hoping to make people aware of the options that will be on the ballot come June 3 and to convince them to come out and vote, most notably for them in the race for the Senate seat currently occupied by Jeff Sessions. They will be hosting a Democratic Candidate Primary Forum at the Homewood Library next Tuesday, May 20 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

We’ll be updating the destinations calendar later on today with more details (though that link to the OTM Democrats should provide enough info to get you started).

Don’t forget to register so you can vote February 5

The deadline for folks that are not currently registered to vote in the February 5 election is next Friday, January 25!

You may also want to keep in mind the fact that if you’re not going to be in town on 2.5.2008, you’ll want to have signed up for an absentee ballot by January 31.

There are a few options out there if you still need to register…

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