last car, 1.31.2008

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7th Ave Sunset - briantmurphy/Flickr

7th Ave. Sunset.  briantmurphy/Flickr

The folks at Performa Entertainment Real Estate have decided on a name for the new entertainment district – The Forge. If you’re wondering why they chose it, check out the press release announcing it from earlier today.

Just when we were starting to know him, “family needs in Chicago” is taking Alabama Symphony Orchestra executive director Trey Devey away to Chicago after just six months. He’s definitely fallen in love with the city based on the comments he made to the Birmingham News.

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Now, while you may want that job, you might want to here about what the director of media relations of the Birmingham Barons does first, in his own words, courtesy of The website is an educational tool created by the Shelby County’s school system. Though it sounds like unless he gets “called up,” we don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Doc’s Political Parlor‘s got a new class of state legislators ready to blog about what’s going on in Montgomery. They were introduced on the site today, with promises that they may even start before the session begins – ironically on Super Tuesday.

Oh yeah, and since the council unanimously supports the mayor’s plans for Fair Park, we want to know – what do you think about it?

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