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390 days to go, but it’s got a website

John Elkington‘s name is on the line… at least in Birmingham. The Birmingham News reports that the developer charged with creating Birmingham’s newest entertainment district has pledged that The Forge will be open in 390 days – a self-imposed August 1, 2009 deadline.

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last car, 1.31.2008

7th Ave Sunset - briantmurphy/Flickr

7th Ave. Sunset.  briantmurphy/Flickr

The folks at Performa Entertainment Real Estate have decided on a name for the new entertainment district – The Forge. If you’re wondering why they chose it, check out the press release announcing it from earlier today.

Just when we were starting to know him, “family needs in Chicago” is taking Alabama Symphony Orchestra executive director Trey Devey away to Chicago after just six months. He’s definitely fallen in love with the city based on the comments he made to the Birmingham News.

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