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Help Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace Harrison is a three year old girl from Dothan, AL who was diagnosed with cancer last Spring. She is currently at Children’s Hosptial here in Birmingham, AL and she’s finished her final round (6 total) of chemo including a bone marrow transfusion. We found out about Hannah from one of our former contributors, Travis Bryant.

Hannah Grace needs our help. She is in dire need of platelets. They are continuously giving her blood and platelet transfusions. If you live in the state of Alabama you can donate the platelets. Giving platelets is the same process as giving blood.

  1. Call the American Red Cross at 888.905.3344
  2. Tell them that you want to donate platelets and you want to be a direct donor for Hannah Grace Harrison.
  3. They will take down your information and will call you back with a time to schedule the donation.