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Holiday wishes from the stationmaster

With many people suggesting that they’re beginning their holiday weekend early, I just wanted to take a moment and say a few words.

Of course, You’d think I’d be remiss to not also take a moment and publicly thank all of you who’ve made it possible to be a finalist in The Birmingham News‘ Birmingham’s Best Readers Poll best website category for the third year in a row. But I didn’t.

I could also mention that we’ll post specific times and locations for the contributors interest meetings that I’m hoping to hold beginning January 5. Nope, didn’t do that either.

Perhaps I could’ve even mentioned the beginning of minor changes made to the front page of the site and (hopefully by this evening) the archives. Well, I do kind of tease about those…

In the end, all I wanted to do was deliver a simple message before everyone got on the road or busy with whatever it is that we do.

The Memorial Day weekend countdown is here…

So let’s give you a few things to do to fill that last half hour fifteen minutes…

I was one of three bloggers that were interviewed for this week’s episode of WBHM‘s arts and culture program Tapestry. The segment was on blogging and featured myself, Wade Kwon and Ashley Umbaugh. You can check out the story as it ran or the excerpts from my extended interview. If you want to hear it on the radio, it’s on tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. on 90.3 FM.

Our conductor Jason Donaldson’s still suffering from the spill he took on his bike a couple of weeks ago, but he’s pulled together a great set of musical options for you to check out for the weekend. You can always follow Jason on Twitter to see what else he’s up to.

How about letting us know just what you’re doing this weekend… it’s our Magic City Question after all.

What are you dreaming for Birmingham?

It's time to imagine Birmingham's future...We already told you about today’s Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham annual meeting a couple of week’s ago.

Today, I had the privilege of writing this post for the foundation’s Imagine blog. I’d ask you to check out the post, learn why the green bracelet that you see here is significant and then share your dream for The Magic City and the surrounding region either by clicking here to comment on the post over there or putting your answer over on Magic City Question.

I’d ask that you share your comments even after today’s events are over.

Thank you, Birmingham!

We’ve been rather quiet today, perhaps being a little too retrospective for our own good. But I want to do three things right now…

1) Thank all of you who’ve read us for the past two years (I’ll drop a note to consider supporting us some other ways too).

2) Thank those who’ve written for us in the past as well as our current contributors: Bob Farley, Josh Self, Jason Donaldson, Gordon Bell and when available, Terri (Dann) Osborne.

3) Announce that while our anniversary is tomorrow, our anniversary happy hour will be on Thursday, March 26 at The Bottletree. We’ll have more info on Monday. We’ll have a couple of other announcements then as well.

4) Make sure you head on over to Timetable this afternoon and check out Jason’s picks (and add your own to them).

It’s time for the hub to expand

We haven’t done a call for contributors to the site in some time, however with fall beginning to show it’s face and several other events going on (as well as a need for the voices on this site to become more diverse to truly represent the city as we just posted #1,500 to the main page today), this site would benefit from some new blood. It many also wake up the echoes so to speak…

We’re going to be finally making some updates to our submissions guidelines tomorrow morning if you want to look them over but… we’re looking for a few specific spots to be filled over the coming weeks – one or two people to contribute to Timetable (we’re looking for folks who want to cover music and film) and someone to help manage our calendar (meaning you could potentially know everything going on in town – making you a popular person indeed). Besides that, if you love Birmingham and want to spread the word, jump on board.

If enough people contact me tonight via Twitter or email I’ll show up over at Urban Standard tomorrow morning for a short session at about 11 a.m. Otherwise, we’ll be at Speakeasy for our monthly meetup on Thursday evening. Let us know…

We remember

I do not normally redirect readers from here over to Dre’s Ramblings (my personal blog – currently being rebuilt as a self-hosted version) but I feel that on this 7th anniversary of 9/11 there is nothing that I can write currently that expresses how I feel better than this piece I wrote 2 years ago.

Staten Island 9/11 Memorial - acnatta/Flickr

Staten Island 9/11 Memorial. acnatta/Flickr.

Just remember to take a moment…

So, are we going away?

About a month ago, I announced that we were seriously considering shutting the site down effective May 30. (Surprise to everyone who didn’t see it…) Well, we’ve made a decision: while we are still a long way from achieving our financial goals, we’re not going away – at least not yet.

We wanted to make sure that you knew that before you figured out that we weren’t going to be making posts to the site through early Tuesday morning. When we wake up from the long weekend (at around 10 a.m. CDT), we’ll be letting you know about how you can win passes to City Stages 20!

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