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Lights and tradition, and a little boost

Head on over to Timetable and you can check out Terri’s ideas for having fun one evening during the holiday season¬†and Josh’s look at holiday celebrations at one of Birmingham’s historic West Side sites. Plus, you may be able to help the guys from Wild Sweet Orange get into heavy rotation on MTVu. Sounds like a reason to head on over, doesn’t it?

Of course, you could just share your favorite song of the holiday season with everyone over on Magic City Question … maybe…

Are we gonna play some football?

That’s what the inaugural teams of the All American Football League were asking, until a little earlier this afternoon. There had been reports circulating saying that the league would be folding before it even started. Birmingham-based Team Alabama was scheduled to open its training camp on Wednesday and its season in mid-April and according to a Birmingham News blog post was not aware of the league’s consideration of postponing its inaugural season for a second time.

According to a statement posted on the front page of the AAFL’s website, if funding is not secured, they will begin to make plans to start their inaugural season in 2009. The statement refers to the current majority owner’s finances being affected by the sub prime mortgage market.