Wanna be a hipster in Birmingham?

02.4.2010 by André Natta · → 2 Comments

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Hipster Crowd. E. Bartholomew/Flickr FreeThinkBham has posted a Hipster’s Guide to Birmingham, AL on their website to help transplants… well, let’s use their words:

“I want people new to the Birmingham area or having to move here (god bless you) to have an easy way of finding out where to hang, drink, meet people, whatever.”

They’re inviting folks to comment and add on to their list as well, so how about heading over there and doing just that. It also wouldn’t be fair to not give a hat tip to A Trip Down South for bringing FreeThinkBham’s post to this site’s attention.

Photo: Hipster Crowd. E. Bartholomew/Flickr

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