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Keeping an eye on foreclosures in Birmingham

Gusty Gulas is doing just that – keeping track of what’s going on in the local foreclosure scene for those interested in the possibilities. There has been a great deal of talk about this in recent months as several folks continue to say that it’s the best time ever to buy a home, even though some are now starting to feel guilty about taking advantage of others misfortune.

His blog is just two months old (and he’s also got a Twitter profile), but he seems to be staying on top of things pretty well.

Good news for Birmingham area real estate

Amid the doom and gloom being reported about the national real estate market, there are two reports that should make Birmingham area developers and home owners quite happy. On the heels of Money Magazine naming Birmingham, AL one of the 10 fastest growing real estate markets in the country, The Birmingham Business Journal posted a story to their website today that the metro area is one of the top 25 places to relocate your family.

Kind of makes you wonder about Forbes’ designation of the city as one of the most sinful in the U.S. back in February… maybe some folks wanted to keep the good news a secret for themselves.

A good time to buy a home in Birmingham

This morning’s Operation New Birmingham (ONB) Breakfast Briefing is focusing on The State of City Center Residential Development. A recent issue of BusinessWeek Magazine is backing up the positive report that attendees are hearing so far, not just for the city center, but for the entire region. The September 18 issue lists Birmingham, AL as the third best bargain in the country if you’re looking for a new home. Don’t believe us, click here to see the slideshow that shows the ten best and worst places; we’re slide #4!

“Taste of Wildwood,” Oxmoor Ridge subdivision

Shopping for a new home can be rather stressful. The people with The Fred Smith Group and Tower Development want to put some fun in the process. They have a different kind of new home community kick-off planned for the Oxmoor Ridge subdivision. There will be food and giveaways from the restaurants and vendors in the Wildwood shopping area, live music and celebrity sports guests. Preview the homes right now. To find the real ones, you’ll have to drive to 100 Singapore Circle, Birmingham.

100 Singapore Circle
Birmingham, AL 35211