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Congratulations Stephen!

Stephen Vinson-at-332The first time Stephen Vinson was mentioned here on The Terminal in July 2009, he’d just launched “Who Ate My Blog?” that February. He was also training for the BE&K 5K as part of his quest to lose 300 lbs.

A quick look at the list of goals and milestones on his site shows he’s tackled that goal and several others. Early last year, he had his sights set on participating in the Mercedes Half-Marathon. Yesterday, he announced that one of his initial goals had been reached – he currently weighs in at 342 lbs having lost 300 pounds.

We know the fact that he reaches his milestone in advance of this year’s Aaron’s 499 at the Talladega Superspeedway is probably not lost on him or any of his longtime followers – though he’s already been able to cross that off of his list too (last year). Now, he’s got a few other things to cross of the list in the coming months, including the potential formation of a “Who Ate My Blog?” team – one he’s been excited about eventually launching since our first conversation with him.

Photo: Stephen Vinson at 332 lbs. whoatemyblog.com.

This year, join Stephen’s 13.1 mile team

Stephen Vinson at Railroad ParkA lot has changed since we first mentioned Stephen Vinson’s blog, Who Ate My Blog, back in July 2009. Back then we were trying to help him get the word out about pulling together a team for the 2010 BE&K 5K (now 5KBR).

This year he’s set an even bigger goal for himself – to complete this year’s Mercedes Half-Marathon.

He’s also been able to share his story with much larger platforms than before, including this year’s New Year’s Day cover story for The Birmingham News , being interviewed as part of the Champions of Health initiative and one of the subjects of a B-Metro piece on members of Birmingham’s local social media community.

His site’s also undergone a redesign since that first visit as well, meaning that you’ve got a great excuse to check-in and say hello to Stephen.

Photo: Vinson at Railroad Park, September 2010.

Join Stephen’s 5K team in February

wambheaderStephen Vinson started Who Ate My Blog? in February of this year. The purpose of the blog is simple – a friend challenged him to lose 300 pounds between February of this year and April of 2010. If he’s successful, his friend has promised him an all-expense paid trip to the Talladega 500 (complete with limo).

One of Stephen’s goals is to walk a 5K; he’s chosen to participate in the 2010 BE&K 5K benefiting Kid One Transport. He’s even saying that there may even be some t-shirts made up for those willing to be part of the WhoAteMyBlog.com team… Leave a comment on his post and let him know if you’re interested.