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Congratulations Stephen!

Stephen Vinson-at-332The first time Stephen Vinson was mentioned here on The Terminal in July 2009, he’d just launched “Who Ate My Blog?” that February. He was also training for the BE&K 5K as part of his quest to lose 300 lbs.

A quick look at the list of goals and milestones on his site shows he’s tackled that goal and several others. Early last year, he had his sights set on participating in the Mercedes Half-Marathon. Yesterday, he announced that one of his initial goals had been reached – he currently weighs in at 342 lbs having lost 300 pounds.

We know the fact that he reaches his milestone in advance of this year’s Aaron’s 499 at the Talladega Superspeedway is probably not lost on him or any of his longtime followers – though he’s already been able to cross that off of his list too (last year). Now, he’s got a few other things to cross of the list in the coming months, including the potential formation of a “Who Ate My Blog?” team – one he’s been excited about eventually launching since our first conversation with him.

Photo: Stephen Vinson at 332 lbs.

From the Stationmaster: Our plans for the day

You may have noticed some minor changes to the style and functionality of the site if you’ve visited our homepage today. This is a result of concerns that have been raised by readers in recent weeks, as well as a minor meltdown early this morning. In order to make these changes, the updates for the Election ’07 site have not been completed as of yet.

It’s our intention to begin posting additional content across The Terminal today beginning at 1 p.m., however it may be delayed further if necessary. We will also postpone our in-depth Election ’07 poll’s debut until tomorrow morning.

The changes being made and the pending announcements for this afternoon I hope are ones that you as readers will benefit from and enjoy. Enjoy the ride!

André Natta

From the Stationmaster: Elsewhere on The Terminal

The world keeps on moving and we wanted to make sure that you were aware of what was going on around the site.

  • Timetable has details about Get Downtown and McWane Science Center’s new adult after-hours event, both scheduled for this evening. The second story also includes some links to some of the newer events that will keep folks busy during the fall months.
  • Our stationmaster has made a return to editorial action over on my Birmingham talking about our urban fabric, and if we’re really trying to save it, or develop it into what we think we want. It was originally supposed to be the first part of a series tied to our ongoing election coverage, and it still relates, though its purpose is a little different.

From the Stationmaster: A slower posting day

I just wanted to warn you that you’re going to see a little less traffic than normal from us this morning. Yeah, part of it may be the rain (though we’re extremely grateful), but we’re also busy finishing up two more interviews for our candidates series beginning on Monday. Mayor Kincaid and Willie Hendrix have committed to being interviewed. We have still not received word from Commissioner Larry Langford’s campaign.

There are still a couple of posts that will to go up this morning, but you’ll see the bulk of our stories today after 1 p.m.

Enjoy the rain and stay dry!

We’re in the paper! We’re in the paper!

The UAB student newspaper that is. Kaleidoscope reporter Kristi Houk recently interviewed our publisher André Natta and the story appeared in this week’s edition. Click here to take a look.

We also figured that we should share this article (PDF, 1.4 MB) that ran earlier this summer in Birmingham Magazine. We made the publication’s 2007 Hot List! Here’s a look at the page itself:

Image Of Hot List Page

We may be in one more publication this week before it’s all said and done, but we’ll let you know.

The Week in Review starts tomorrow

The staff is about to volunteer their time down at Artwalk this evening, both for the festival as well as serving as a street team both tonight and tomorrow. There will be a recap of the days events beginning at 10 p.m. (yeah, we know it sounds like the big boys on TV). We’ll also be posting stories that didn’t make it on the site this week tomorrow, even though we know that most of you will be watching football (we’ll feel better catching up).

Just a reminder that if you happen to see a couple of folks coming towards you with a “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” shirt on, it’s probably a member of the street team and your chance to win one of those very same t-shirts before we start selling them on the site next week. Keep your eyes open.

Election ’07: One last push for questions for the candidates

Election 2007 Logo
We’ve had a rather boring button located over on the far right corner of the page for the better part of a month trying to get folks to submit questions for the mayoral candidates using this form. So we figured we’d debut our really cool Election ’07 logo. Smile

(NOTE: When our site launches later this evening, this button will go live, as will the button we have for the sidebar.)

UPDATE: Hear their answers to your questions NOW on our Election ’07 site!

We also wanted to say thanks to all who’ve taken the time to submit their questions.

Now we’ve also mentioned our partnership with Catalyst in sharing our questions for the candidates forum scheduled for September 18. Well, we’re making one more plea for questions before we retire the page (and so that they’ll have some more questions for their forum). (You really want to read what’s after the jump)

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