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Ads to ride off into the sunset

MAX bus in downtown Birmingham, AL with syphilis epidemic ad

André Natta/

This could be the last time you see this image — if you missed Saturday’s Birmingham News, you missed this story on the removal of these ads by the BJCTA, at the mayor’s request, because it was presenting a bad image.

So what do I think? Find out over on my Birmingham… then let us know what you think.

About yesterday’s proclamation…

We figured that you’d be waiting for a comment from me about yesterday’s proclamation by Mayor Langford (at least some of you – including the folks that called or emailed me).

Well,  I’ve put one up over on my Birmingham. Check it out and let us know what you think…

Hope springs eternal on the west side

Fair Park revitalization photo - Bob Farley/f8PhotoTuesday’s vote dedicating approximately $48 million for the redevelopment of the Fair Park property on the city’s west side raised some interesting questions, and hope. It might also be raising concerns as just under $1 billion has been now earmarked for projects across the city since Mayor Langford’s inauguration late last year.

I chimed in with my thoughts over on my Birmingham early this morning. Check ’em out and then add yours to the mix.

BTW, did anyone notice that one of the stations that still has a contract to advertise the Spring Fling at the arena after WJLD’s contract was pulled just happened to be WATV? We’re just saying

Photo credit: Bob Farley/f8Photo

Who’s responsible for Birmingham’s reputation?

We constantly talk about the University of Alabama at Birmingham as being the economic engine of not just the city or the region, but the state.

Today one the columnists for their student newspaper, the Kaleidoscope, decided to pose a rather powerful question (and challenge) to her fellow students and I believe to the community at large.

I think that the challenge should also be brought to the masses.

Which leads us to today’s Magic City Question (we are aware that our front page feature has “stalled” working on that right now).

Let us know what you think by clicking here to answer and please pass the question’s link on to everyone you know…

Let’s look at the people, they are the city

It’s Nice to Have you in Birmingham signSo what does this classic Birmingham, AL sign have to do with The Terminal? Everything…

I teased in this week’s newsletter about the beginning of a new series over on my Birmingham that focuses on this classic sign and the words written over the doors of the Birmingham City Council chambers – The People are The City.

Click here to read my reasons for introducing this unique way to spotlight individuals in The Magic City.

The First 100: Around the Magic City after 80 days

Larry Langford

Birmingham mayor Larry Langford. Bob Farley/f8photo

If you’re counting actual calendar days, it’s day 80 of the Langford era in Birmingham, Alabama. Some would call it a little whirlwind-like, especially after Tuesday’s $90 million proposal announced for the Alabama State Fairgrounds on the city’s west side. We’re curious about what you think about how it’s going so far…

We’re hoping that you’re actually willing to share your thoughts. We’d really love it if you clicked on the following link and posted your comments to the Great Room thread (with a tip of the hat to former New York mayor Ed Koch):

How’s he doing after 80 days?

Dre’s Journal: Is this how XO Laptops will be in Birmingham?

XO laptops at Kogod Courtyard in Washington, DC

Photo credit: André Natta/Flickr

The biggest story that I saw covered by mainstream media and bloggers last week while I was out of town involved a recent “discovery” by city officials that Birmingham City Schools were not ready to fully utilize our soon to be delivered XO laptops. Here’s an example of what it could look like around town in a few years if the laptops gain more popularity and if we truly embrace WiFi connectivity in Birmingham.

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