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Mayor Bell updates Birmingham’s business community

Earlier today, Birmingham mayor William Bell briefed members of the city’s business community on tornado relief efforts at Birmingham Business Alliance headquarters. After he finished his remarks, he took a few minutes to answer questions from the media. The voice asking most of the questions is that of WBRC’s Dennis Washington.

Mayor Bell’s listening tour stops at More Than Conquerors

William Bell headshotBirmingham mayor William Bell is currently on a listening tour – incidentally just before the start of what promises to be as intriguing a budget process as the city has ever gone through. It also happens to be an election year (though it’s still early).

This evening the tour will make a stop at More Than Conquerors Faith Church on the city’s West Side (Dennison Avenue to be exact) starting at 6 p.m. The focus of tonight’s discussion will be on the future of transit and education in Birmingham – two issues becoming increasingly more important than ever.

Perhaps the folks at Black & White will be particularly interested in tonight’s community gathering as a potential beginning to a follow-up of their February 17 feature piece titled “The Decline and Fall of West Birmingham.”

According to one of the tweets announcing the meeting this afternoon via Twitter, the meeting is open to the public.

One iPad per Councilor – the remix

Yesterday NBC 13 reported that Birmingham mayor William Bell and City Councilor Johnathan Austin visited our local Apple Store to investigate purchasing iPads for the current Council. The purchase would no doubt pay for itself as it would help to reduce costs involved with producing printed review materials for council and committee meetings.

The weird thing is, the City Council (at least the last council) received netbooks, jump drives and AirCards from former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford in last year in early June to accomplish the exact same thing. It was interesting at the time because they were delivered before the start of the last budget cycle. That purchase cost the city $4,975; the now proposed one would be $4,491 before taxes and cases.

We’re wondering if the cases for the iPads will come with a message similar to the one embroidered on the laptop cases that came with the netbooks last year?

Mayorpalooza ends tonight!

Bell vs. Cooper Bob Farley/f8PhotoMany people are rejoicing in the fact that the journey to the special election to serve out the remainder of former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford ends tonight – though the reasons for that relief vary depending on who you talk to.

There’s bound to be endless coverage of the election results across Birmingham virtual landscape but the City of Birmingham will be posting the election results on their website starting at 7:15 p.m. tonight. You could also check out the results from various sources, including Fox 6AL.com and Wade on Birmingham.

Of course, I have my own opinions about today’s vote, but I did vote this afternoon. I hope that you did too. We’ll post a photo of the winner after it’s been determined.

Election ’09: A busy weekend of sorts

Well, for those of you who missed all of the election coverage from Friday:

Election ’09: Douglas joins the race tomorrow

scott douglasWe continue to see more people announcing that they’ll be trying to get the job of Birmingham’s chief executive come December 8. Tomorrow Scott Douglas, the executive director of Greater Birmingham Ministries, will be formally announcing that he’s joining the race for mayor.

Douglas’ campaign website appears to be a placeholder currently, while his campaign’s fan page on Facebook is reporting that his announcement will take place at 10 a.m. at Kelly Ingram Park.

Looks like Bhamwiki will get to add a few more names to their list

UPDATE Election 09: The Bell been rung

Bell for mayor sign 2009

UPDATE: We’ve just received a press release confirming that Bell will announce his candidacy Thursday morning at 10 a.m. in Linn Park, the same time that Scott Douglas will be announcing his in Kelly Ingram Park.

While we’ve heard rumors about a possible run for mayor by former Birmingham City Councilor and current Jefferson County Commissioner William Bell, this sign is the first one that we’ve seen up around town (in the city’s Norwood neighborhood across the street from Cosmo’s). Well that and his website’s already up though still under construction after telling The Birmingham News that he was considering a run last week.

There are already several folks who’ve thrown their hat in the ring.

Additional signs announcing his campaign were seen along Greensprings Avenue this evening.

Photo: André Natta/bhamterminal.com