UPDATE Election 09: The Bell been rung

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Bell for mayor sign 2009

UPDATE: We’ve just received a press release confirming that Bell will announce his candidacy Thursday morning at 10 a.m. in Linn Park, the same time that Scott Douglas will be announcing his in Kelly Ingram Park.

While we’ve heard rumors about a possible run for mayor by former Birmingham City Councilor and current Jefferson County Commissioner William Bell, this sign is the first one that we’ve seen up around town (in the city’s Norwood neighborhood across the street from Cosmo’s). Well that and his website’s already up though still under construction after telling The Birmingham News that he was considering a run last week.

There are already several folks who’ve thrown their hat in the ring.

Additional signs announcing his campaign were seen along Greensprings Avenue this evening.

Photo: André Natta/bhamterminal.com

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Yes its true that he has announced. Let's be clear here, the voters resoundingly rejected Bell for leadership. The people don't want him. The more people enter the race, the better it is for Cooper. With the exception of one district, people forget that Cooper came in second to Larry Langford. Smitherman was rejected during the last election and barely won her seat for city council. Emory Anthony's campaign can hardly be taken serious. This guy isn't even known in the legal community and seems to just keep running hoping to win something.In my humble opinion, the only real candidates that could implement a progressive vision for Birmingham and have massive community support is Cedric Sparks or A.C. Roper. Unfortunately, I don't think their war chest is large enough to run in such a short time period.Say congrats to our new Mayor Patrick Cooper.