Travelogue: Coverage after the Langford verdict

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Larry Langford at the BJCC. Bob Farley/f8PhotoWord of the guilty verdict against former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford has spread through the media in the last 20+ hours. This would include a story filed last night during NPR‘s All Things Consideredthis report turned in by The New York Times‘ Shaila Dewan (it was on page 19 of Section A); this piece filed by; even The Huffington Post decided to add their voice to the coverage. Bloomberg News chimed in too – along with the folks from WAFF sharing WBRC’s story with visitors to their website.

But wait, there’s more…

You’ve also got the wire accounts from Reuters and the Associated Press.

There were a couple of pieces written that used Langford’s trial as its muse earlier in the day yesterday, including this column for the Kansas City Star and this piece chronicling the issues facing Baltimore’s sitting mayor for that city’s CBS affiliate.

And while we tried to collect some posts from out of town, Spitball Army’s got some other links, including one back to this site. Thanks!

Photo: Bob Farley/f8Photo

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