Verdict in: Langford guilty on all counts

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Larry Langford

UPDATE: NPR’s All Things Considered is working on uploading audio that was filed earlier this evening during the broadcast.

It took less than two hours for a jury in Tuscaloosa, AL to find Birmingham mayor Larry Langford guilty on 60 federal counts. Information is still coming in, though it has been reported that he will be sentenced in the next 90-100 days.

This verdict will eventually leads to the installation of the first woman mayor of the City of Birmingham as the sitting City Council president, Carole Smitherman, will be sworn in as interim mayor. She would serve until a special election is held within the next 45-60 days.

It appears from following the trial on Twitter that the residents of this city have an opinion about the news this afternoon.

We’re interested in hearing what you think about it and what’s going to happen next here in The Magic City below in our comments section.

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