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Verdict in: Langford guilty on all counts

Larry Langford

UPDATE: NPR’s All Things Considered is working on uploading audio that was filed earlier this evening during the broadcast.

It took less than two hours for a jury in Tuscaloosa, AL to find Birmingham mayor Larry Langford guilty on 60 federal counts. Information is still coming in, though it has been reported that he will be sentenced in the next 90-100 days.

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UPDATE: City budget to be reworked to reflect deficit (yes, deficit)

New Birmingham, Alabama logoBirmingham Weekly is reporting via its Twitter feed that the City of Birmingham‘s figures actually reflect a $17 million deficit for 2009 and not a $13 million surplus that the new budget is based upon.

Reporters from the Weekly have been at the city’s budget workshop this afternoon where the City Council has asked that the budget be reworked to reflect the deficit while fulfilling their requests to not cut salaries – among other things.

Check out their Twitter feed for additional information.

UPDATE: Birmingham Weekly has now posted their own story on these recent developments as well as a response from City Council president Carole Smitherman after hearing about the deficit.

OK, it got delayed, but…

Yesterday the Birmingham City Council delayed a vote on council agenda Item #17, which at first glance would look like a direct correlation with the title of yesterday’s On the Agenda post. If approved, it would move forward plans to complete phase II of the city’s intermodal transit facility on Morris Avenue.

That is, until you let Birmingham Weekly‘s Kyle Whitmire and The Birmingham News‘ Joseph Bryant fill in the details about the concerns regarding the potential involvement of Larry Langford‘s mayoral campaign manager and CEO of Matrix, LLC, Jeff Pitts.

Boutwell’s the tipping point tonight

This morning’s Birmingham News points out the frequency that days of prayer are held in the city (as Mayor Langford prepares for one this evening officially announced earlier this week) well as the rumblings about legal action that may be taken if it’s found to be an official government event. The event has definitely drawn some criticism, even locally. We even have our own veiled opinion, though from a slightly different angle.

We’ve gotten a few responses to our current Magic City Question; as we get ready to change it later on today, we’d welcome anyone else that wants to lend their voices to the conversation.

Comparisons of biblical proportion today in City Hall

There are days when you just want to curl up and hide; unfortunately that was one of those days for me, so I was not in attendance at the weekly city council meeting when Mayor Larry Langford drew comparisons between The Magic City and the City of Nineveh in the language used for his proclamation announcing “a day of prayer in sackcloth and ashes”. Like we said earlier, today was a busy day for the city’s chief executive.

Check out the Birmingham Weekly for a PDF of the proclamation and some video to go along with it.

You may want to let us know what you think about it… preferably over on Magic City Question.

News, Weekly take one, two punch at Mayor Langford

Birmingham’s mayor made the front pages of two of the area’s print publications, though not necessarily for good reasons. The stories result from both The Birmingham News and Birmingham Weekly obtaining copies (warning – it’s a big file) of what has been identified as Larry Langford’s June 2007 testimony to the SEC (no, the other one).

The Birmingham News ran their coverage below the fold of this morning’s paper. Their story focused on the then county commission president’s testimony that he regularly asked recipients of county contracts to give to charities that he was associated with and controlled.

Kyle Whitmire follows up two teases on the Weekly’s blog (here’s the latest one) with a War on Dumb filing (we’ll link when it gets posted) that digs a little deeper into the mayor’s testimony, contrasting it with comments made during the mayor’s inaugural address.

Definitely an interesting time for these stories to break, especially considering some of the heated discussion that took place at Tuesday’s marathon council meeting.

Which leads us to ask: What do you think?

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The First 100: Around the Magic City after 80 days

Larry Langford

Birmingham mayor Larry Langford. Bob Farley/f8photo

If you’re counting actual calendar days, it’s day 80 of the Langford era in Birmingham, Alabama. Some would call it a little whirlwind-like, especially after Tuesday’s $90 million proposal announced for the Alabama State Fairgrounds on the city’s west side. We’re curious about what you think about how it’s going so far…

We’re hoping that you’re actually willing to share your thoughts. We’d really love it if you clicked on the following link and posted your comments to the Great Room thread (with a tip of the hat to former New York mayor Ed Koch):

How’s he doing after 80 days?