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Verdict in: Langford guilty on all counts

Larry Langford

UPDATE: NPR’s All Things Considered is working on uploading audio that was filed earlier this evening during the broadcast.

It took less than two hours for a jury in Tuscaloosa, AL to find Birmingham mayor Larry Langford guilty on 60 federal counts. Information is still coming in, though it has been reported that he will be sentenced in the next 90-100 days.

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Huh? What did he say?

smitherman-billboardNormally 10 ten lists are seen as funny (a la David Letterman). I’ve got a feeling that the one that was just published over on a relatively new Birmingham, AL blog, Brown Paper Bag, may lead to a major disagreement between two long time public figures.

An email from the blog’s author, Christopher Mosley, says that the list originated from an email sent by former City Councilor John Katopodis in response to an electronic billboard ad placed by Birmingham City Council president Carole Smitherman asking people a simple question, “What can I do for you?” with her Council office number listed.

Photo: Special to bhamterminal.com