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News, Weekly take one, two punch at Mayor Langford

Birmingham’s mayor made the front pages of two of the area’s print publications, though not necessarily for good reasons. The stories result from both The Birmingham News and Birmingham Weekly obtaining copies (warning – it’s a big file) of what has been identified as Larry Langford’s June 2007 testimony to the SEC (no, the other one).

The Birmingham News ran their coverage below the fold of this morning’s paper. Their story focused on the then county commission president’s testimony that he regularly asked recipients of county contracts to give to charities that he was associated with and controlled.

Kyle Whitmire follows up two teases on the Weekly’s blog (here’s the latest one) with a War on Dumb filing (we’ll link when it gets posted) that digs a little deeper into the mayor’s testimony, contrasting it with comments made during the mayor’s inaugural address.

Definitely an interesting time for these stories to break, especially considering some of the heated discussion that took place at Tuesday’s marathon council meeting.

Which leads us to ask: What do you think?

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The First 100: Around the Magic City after 80 days

Larry Langford

Birmingham mayor Larry Langford. Bob Farley/f8photo

If you’re counting actual calendar days, it’s day 80 of the Langford era in Birmingham, Alabama. Some would call it a little whirlwind-like, especially after Tuesday’s $90 million proposal announced for the Alabama State Fairgrounds on the city’s west side. We’re curious about what you think about how it’s going so far…

We’re hoping that you’re actually willing to share your thoughts. We’d really love it if you clicked on the following link and posted your comments to the Great Room thread (with a tip of the hat to former New York mayor Ed Koch):

How’s he doing after 80 days?

The First 100: Local bloggers’ thoughts

Langford as vote is announced - Photo credit: Bob Farley/f8photo

Mayor Langford immediately after the council vote on Tuesday.

Photo credit: Bob Farley/f8photo

One of the interesting things to do is to take a look at what others are saying about our new mayoral administration so far, particularly about this week’s vote. Here’s just a sampling from around our local blogosphere:

Mayor Langford, Pundit by the Pint

Birmingham’s new dome or doom?, Pt. 1|Pt. 2, Alabama Pundit

BirminghamDome.com (a whole blog apparently focused on the “dome”)

Know of any others?