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Travelogue: A tale of access (and laptops)

Lafayette Pro Fiber screenshot

Screenshot from Lafayette Pro Fiber blogĀ 

Lafayette Pro Fiber Blog exists to provide a daily dose of information to those that support bringing optical fiber to the residents and businesses of Lafayette Parish in Louisiana using the Lafayette Utilities System. More on that in a little bit. The main reason that we’re mentioning this site is because of the post filed yesterday that uses Birmingham’s recent announcement about the XO laptops that they will be receiving to talk about the wider issue of bridging the digital divide. We normally stay fairly quiet on Sundays but thought you just might be interested in this.

It appears that the battle taking place for a fiber optic network is much greater than what can be explained for the purposes of this post. I’ll just recommend that you take a moment and check out how their effort is going.

The First 100: Local bloggers’ thoughts

Langford as vote is announced - Photo credit: Bob Farley/f8photo

Mayor Langford immediately after the council vote on Tuesday.

Photo credit: Bob Farley/f8photo

One of the interesting things to do is to take a look at what others are saying about our new mayoral administration so far, particularly about this week’s vote. Here’s just a sampling from around our local blogosphere:

Mayor Langford, Pundit by the Pint

Birmingham’s new dome or doom?, Pt. 1|Pt. 2, Alabama Pundit (a whole blog apparently focused on the “dome”)

Know of any others?

UPDATED: The First 100: The Times joins in on the act

The Birmingham Times that is – in the public discourse taking place throughout the media regarding Mayor Langford’s proposed tax increases. Johnnie Wyatt adds his voice to the conversation (and don’t assume you automatically know what that voice is saying, either) and even invites you to contact him about your thoughts at the end of his piece in this week’s Birmingham Times.

We’d just love it if you’d share a few of those thoughts with us as well (after you check out his piece).

UPDATE – 10:05 p.m., 11.30.2007; links changed to direct readers to current location of story.

my Birmingham: A change in perspective

Just a chance to wonder aloud if a change in perspective is in order, especially when you consider the public hearing that’s set to take place this evening at Boutwell. That essay’s over on my Birmingham. You could also take part in today’s Magic City Question with regards to tonight’s meeting…

You know you want to…

Today’s editorial: warm and fuzzy but for how long…

The image at the Birmingham Museum of Art on Saturday was heartwarming and gave hope for the future of the facility – it’s the announced plans for a proposed expansion that made me think about just what it all meant over on my Birmingham

This laptop’s generating a lot of talk

XO laptop image

An image of the XO Laptop.

The XO laptop is serving as a focal point of what is a larger issue for our local educational system. While not necessarily offering answers, I felt like wondering aloud over on my Birmingham, hoping you may share your opinions over there as well.

Come Monday, you’ll get a chance to share your opinion on a more consistent basis as we reintroduce the Magic City Question. Stay tuned…

Hoover investigation report released

The full report (in PDF format) on the investigation into the Hoover City Schools system has been posted online to be downloaded and reviewed. Copies are also available at the city’s libraries.

We decided to take a look at one of the nuances of the case over on my Birmingham – the use of the bully pulpit by Hoover mayor Tony Petelos to get the report released and just how it may be used by mayor-elect Larry Langford as he prepares to assume the office here in the Magic City next month.