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A slight delay on election coverage

We know we promised election coverage beginning today. Unfortunately the little elves that live inside the computers over here don’t seem to want to cooperate to allow us to do that for you, so we’re going to delay rolling out the section by one more day. Sorry about that. We’d promise an incredibly super high-tech site tomorrow, but we hope you’d know us better than that by now 🙂

The Launch Party: The “Cause” Recap

Talking At The Launch Party

Approximately 100 people came out to The Bottletree last night to celebrate the launch of this very website. We’d like to take a second to thank all of you that came out and those that sent along well wishes. We’ve already posted information about the door prize winners. Now we have to make sure that people find out about the other purpose of the event.

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Yes, we did give away prizes…

There were door prizes given away last night at the launch party. We figured we’d post the winners… over on the prizes page. Go on over and see if you’ve won. (Yes, we will be contacting them as well via email).

We’d like to thank those that provided the prizes again for their generosity.

We called an audible and decided to give away five (5) t-shirts last night. We’d ask the following people to let us know what size t-shirt you want.

  • Caryn Gleason
  • Scott Green
  • Kristy Jaska
  • Emily Peterson
  • Kelly Seward

The shirt (all going well) will be making its debut next weekend when you’ll be seeing folks wearing them around Artwalk. We think you’ll like them. Which leads me to the other five shirts that we were planning to give away last night. We decided we’d hold on to them and give them away next week. We’ll tell you more about that on Tuesday…

Random Shots: What a day…

 The Rainbow

A beautiful view outside of The Bottletree during The Terminal’s Launch Party this evening. We’ll post the winners of the door prizes from the launch party tomorrow morning. Thanks to all that attended.

Photo credit: Bob Farley/f8photo 

We’re still alive

Yes, we’ve been quiet today, but since we’re holding a party over at The Bottletree we figured you’d understand. We hope that you’ll be able to come on out tonight. But if you don’t, we’ll give you a taste of what’s going on a little after 7 p.m. when we start posting images from the event.

Enjoy whatever you’re doing this evening.

The Countdown: T-Minus 1 Day…

We’d like to take a moment to thank those that have donated door prizes to our launch party tomorrow evening:

Please take a moment to visit our prizes page to see what they provided us to give away.

FYI – We will also be giving away ten (10) of our new t-shirts before you can buy them online.

Click on the image to learn more about tomorrow’s event:

Launch Party Image

The Countdown: T-minus 4 days…

List of door prizes available here.

Launch Party Image