Yes, we did give away prizes…

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There were door prizes given away last night at the launch party. We figured we’d post the winners… over on the prizes page. Go on over and see if you’ve won. (Yes, we will be contacting them as well via email).

We’d like to thank those that provided the prizes again for their generosity.

We called an audible and decided to give away five (5) t-shirts last night. We’d ask the following people to let us know what size t-shirt you want.

  • Caryn Gleason
  • Scott Green
  • Kristy Jaska
  • Emily Peterson
  • Kelly Seward

The shirt (all going well) will be making its debut next weekend when you’ll be seeing folks wearing them around Artwalk. We think you’ll like them. Which leads me to the other five shirts that we were planning to give away last night. We decided we’d hold on to them and give them away next week. We’ll tell you more about that on Tuesday…

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