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Birmingham prepares for the Second Front

The Second Front logoKyle Whitmire introduced a new political news blog to Birmingham, AL earlier today. The site, called The Second Front , is the first of several blogs that will make up a new site called Weld for Birmingham.

It’s a new venture for Whitmire (an award-winning columnist formerly of Birmingham Weekly ) and his former editor at the Weekly Glenny Brock, who contributed to the site’s first day of stories with a post about last week’s Design Review Committee decision involving Walgreens.

This section of Weld has already collected a lot of fans via Facebook and Whitmire has been tweeting using The Second Front‘s account for a couple of months now.

Wade Kwon was able to catch up with Whitmire by phone to find out more about the new blog and the overall site and shared the answers over on Media of Birmingham while Ike Pigott wrote earlier today about whether or not it is the online newspaper that Birmingham’s been waiting for.

UPDATE: A busy summer ahead for local media

John Archibald - acnatta/FlickrThings are getting interesting all over Birmingham, AL (particularly in the world of local media) as we enjoy a beautiful spring day.

Kyle Whitmire has shared via Facebook that John Archibald has written a column about the buyouts at The Birmingham News though it hasn’t been published as of yet.

UPDATE: Kyle has decided to post the unpublished column as a note to his Facebook profile. He’s also shared via Twitter that he will be on The Matt Murphy Show tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 7:30 a.m.

UPDATE 2: John Archibald’s column returned to the pages of The Birmingham News on Wednesday morning. It was not the “unpublished” one that has been circulated via social networks and local bloggers, but a follow up to his April 14 column about Alabama oddity.

The News started offering buyouts in November 2008; they were extended in late 2009 and again earlier this year (February).

We’ll keep an eye on what’s going on over there for you. You may also want to check out the recent posts over on Media of Birmingham.

We’ve got a favor to ask of you ourselves; we’ll explain shortly…

Photo: acnatta/Flickr

Happy Birthday Kyle!

b-metro cover for January 2009The leader of Birmingham’s War on Dumb turns 33 today so we thought you’d want to show him some love – maybe even on the wall of his Facebook profile.

You may also want to check out the cover story written about Birmingham Weekly‘s Kyle Whitmire over on b-metro’s website.

One more thing you may want to check out – since we’re getting back to work – is Kyle’s most recent column, no doubt leaving folks with more questions than answers as Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins announces that she will not seek reelection…

Kyle threatened with “the boot”

We’re not really sure if Jefferson County Commission president Bettye Fine Collins would have really kicked out Birmingham Weekly columnist Kyle Whitmire at the end of today’s post meeting conference. All we’ll say is imagine what the post over on Mixed Media would have been if she had.

Kyle’s piece from earlier today includes video from last week and links to the comments made by Collins that he attempted to raise questions about.

Skylines and lineups

That’s what you’ll find over on Timetable during this first part of the week.

Charles shares his thoughts about the skyline that he’s In Love With.

And we figured with so many folks talking about ShamRock this weekend that the least we could do is provide the lineup with links to their MySpace pages or websites so you know what to expect.

We figured you were all really busy reading Kyle’s NY Times story anyway (you were, weren’t you). We’ll play catch up later this evening.