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Happy Alabama Day!

Flag of the State of Alabama (United States of America) (1895-present). Vibracobra23/FlickrYes, 191 years ago today, Alabama became the 22nd state in the Union.

Now we’ll freely admit that we aren’t that good to remember. Luckily we’ve got the Encyclopedia of Alabama to remind us. The site officially launched in September 2008 (though it had been up since that February as was posted here).

They’ve since added a fan page on Facebook where they share bits of the state’s history daily and hope that today’s a good reason for more folks to start following it.

Something else to keep in mind is the fact that Birmingham turns 139 years old this coming Sunday. BhamWiki continues to crank out additional information about The Magic City and added a Twitter account several months ago to its information-sharing arsenal.

Image: Flag of the State of Alabama (United States of America) (1895-present). Vibracobra23/Flickr

Birthdays everywhere

Octagon Clock. Pam Morgan/FlickrIt’s been a fairly busy past few days so far as birthdays or anniversaries go.

Birmingham’s newspaper of record, The Birmingham News, celebrated 122 years of existence yesterday. The Birmingham Genealogical Society turns 51 today while BhamWiki marks four years of documenting the Birmingham district today (they decided to celebrate on Saturday).

Oh yeah… this site, The Terminal, turned three yesterday. We haven’t celebrated yet, though we’re looking for help to figure out how. I figured the best way to honor that yesterday was to write a post over on the site that led to its creation, Dre’s Ramblings (the new one) as opposed to the old one that still needs to come down (it has the same stuff after all)- and say thanks.

Photo: Octagon Clock. Pam Morgan/Flickr

Happy Birthday Kyle!

b-metro cover for January 2009The leader of Birmingham’s War on Dumb turns 33 today so we thought you’d want to show him some love – maybe even on the wall of his Facebook profile.

You may also want to check out the cover story written about Birmingham Weekly‘s Kyle Whitmire over on b-metro’s website.

One more thing you may want to check out – since we’re getting back to work – is Kyle’s most recent column, no doubt leaving folks with more questions than answers as Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins announces that she will not seek reelection…

A look back: June 2


Author Kathryn Tucker Windham was born in Selma.


Spivey’s Hobby and Toys in the old West End Theater building was destroyed by fire.

Courtesy: Bhamwiki.com logo

A look back: May 22


Herman Poole Blount (Sun Ra) was born in Birmingham.


Taylor Hicks was announced as the winner of American Idol.

Courtesy: Bhamwiki.com logo

A look back: March 18


Civil Rights activist Fred Shuttlesworth was born in Montgomery County.


The FBI raided HealthSouth headquarters.

Courtesy: Bhamwiki.com logo

A look back: February 20


NBA superstar Charles Barkley was born in Leeds.


16th Street Baptist Church was officially dedicated as a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior.

Courtesy: Bhamwiki.com logo