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Happy Alabama Day!

Flag of the State of Alabama (United States of America) (1895-present). Vibracobra23/FlickrYes, 191 years ago today, Alabama became the 22nd state in the Union.

Now we’ll freely admit that we aren’t that good to remember. Luckily we’ve got the Encyclopedia of Alabama to remind us. The site officially launched in September 2008 (though it had been up since that February as was posted here).

They’ve since added a fan page on Facebook where they share bits of the state’s history daily and hope that today’s a good reason for more folks to start following it.

Something else to keep in mind is the fact that Birmingham turns 139 years old this coming Sunday. BhamWiki continues to crank out additional information about The Magic City and added a Twitter account several months ago to its information-sharing arsenal.

Image: Flag of the State of Alabama (United States of America) (1895-present). Vibracobra23/Flickr

The Encyclopedia of Alabama launches (officially)

Encyclopedia of Alabama logo - Courtesy of websiteWe always plug our relationship with BhamWiki whenever we can. Today there was an official unveiling of what it would be like if the folks at the Wiki ever got a large grant to help supplement it. The Encyclopedia of Alabama was formally launched by Governor Riley today at the Alabama Humanities Foundation Leadership Summit and Awards Luncheon in Hoover (though the site’s been up and active since February). We’re interested in hearing what you think about it – and thanks to GoodCourage for giving up the head’s up. You can always direct message us via Twitter or any of the other contact methods with news tips and story ideas.