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The Birmingham News hopes to Reinvent our Community

Birmingham's Railroad Skyline. acnatta/FlickrLast Sunday The Birmingham News ran a special section called Reinventing Our Community – portions of this first portion of the series were made available online.

It was described as the first of several reports about the future of the city and the type of leadership it will take to get there. The first part involved News reporters interviewing approximately 120 people (including yours truly) about their thoughts on our regional leadership situation. The next part begins today…

You’ve got until 2 p.m. to take part in a live chat over on AL.com (hosted by The News’ Eddie Lard) coinciding with a town hall meeting being live streamed from The News’ headquarters downtown. Participants include William Bell (mayor of Birmingham, AL),  Tony Petelos (Hoover, AL’s  mayor) and Kate Nielsen (president of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham). Hopefully the video from the event will be archived and available for viewing later today and in the coming months as the series evolves and continues.

Photo: Birmingham’s Railroad Skyline. acnatta/Flickr

Birmingham abuzz about Blueprint

Blueprint Birmingham logo The Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) was hoping for a great deal of buzz after the official unveiling of their Blueprint Birmingham last Thursday, their five-year strategic plan recently adopted by their board. There has indeed been a great deal of conversation about the plan, including tonight’s live chat hosted by The Birmingham News’ Eddie Lard beginning at 6 p.m. on al.com. There is also limited seating at the actual event this evening at Alabama Power headquarters; it is presented by the Birmingham Association of Black Journalists and the BBA.

There are countless ways to review the plan and to be exposed to the campaign underway to secure general support for the principles mentioned within. The plan’s official website (complete with the full plan and all supplemental documents) is joined by a promotional campaign website that provides links to signs similar to the billboards that say that “we’re open” to moving the region forward and a Facebook page. There’s also an official hashtag for folks talking about the plan on Twitter – #blueprintbham.

Columns by Joey Kennedy and Lard speak of the plan, as do the co-chairs of the committee tasked with creating the plan. Area bloggers have started multi-part series looking at what needs to be fixed or offered analysis of the plan (I’ll finally be adding my two cents to the matter in the coming days on Dear Birmingham). It will not be going away any time soon (in fact, it will be the topic of tonight’s #bhamchat on Twitter, starting at 7 p.m.).

Bell to hold open meeting for young professionals

Birmingham, Alabama logoBirmingham mayor William Bell has announced – via the city’s Twitter account – that he will be holding a meeting with young professionals at Urban Standard on Thursday at 12 p.m. According to the follow-up tweet posted by the city’s public information office, the hope is that those in attendance will be willing to “share your ideas, concerns and vision for the future for Birmingham.”

We’re just happy for the folks at the popular lunchtime spot as they’ll be packed on Thursday with both young professionals interested in sharing what they want for the city showing up and the regular crowd. It will be the second public meeting held by the mayor announced via Twitter since being sworn in last Tuesday.

Logo: City of Birmingham

UPDATE: We figured we’d ask you to share what you’d suggest or talk to Mayor Bell about over on Magic City Question.

This week’s #bhamchat

Last night’s #bhamchat was unexpectedly delayed for several reasons.For those looking forward to it, especially in light of all of the news events from yesterday, I apologize for not giving adequate notice.

It’s our intention to hold it this evening instead (Wednesday, July 15) starting at 6:30 p.m. CT. If you’ve got any ideas for topics for this evening, and your suggestion to the comments section below.

For those not familiar with #bhamchat, check out this explanation over on my Birmingham.

#bhamchat’s tonight!

Just wanted to remind you that our weekly online conversation about Birmingham, AL takes place tonight starting at 6:30 p.m. on Twitter. Just follow @bhamterminal to see where the conversation’s going. We’ve built a page explaining #bhamchat over on my Birmingham and will continue to make additions to it as needed.

Just so you know, so long at the #bhamchat tag is in your tweet, you do not have to reply to @bhamterminal to share your answers or thoughts about the topic. That should give you a little more space for your thoughts. One more thing, it is probably best to use a third party application like Tweetdeck, Seesmic Desktop or Nambu if you’re on the Mac to follow along in the conversation (or just use Twitter’s search function to watch from afar).

Hope to see you later on! BTW: We will post last week’s recap tomorrow with this week’s due to technical issues.

What is #bhamchat?

Those of you that follow our Twitter feed saw that one of the only tweets we sent out today involved joining us for a conversation about Birmingham starting at 6:30 p.m. tonight. Well, here’s a quick description of #bhamchat:

We wanted to see if folks wanted to talk about issues facing the city and the metro region. The topics will vary depending on what’s been going on around Birmingham. We’ll stay neutral on the issues and try to provide additional information as needed.

If you’re on Twitter, please feel free to follow us at @bhamterminal this evening and join in on the conversation. We’ll be creating a page on the site to help archive the discussions; you may also want to use http://search.twitter.com or http://tweetgrid.com and type in #bhamchat.

What’s in a “mutlipurpose facility” anyway?

We’ve learned that Mayor Langford and BJCC executive director Jack Fields will be participating in an online discussion about the long proposed multipurpose facility via streaming video on myfoxal.com tomorrow (Thursday) at 1 p.m.

The discussion is scheduled to last approximately 30 minutes, with issues such as the facility’s funding plan and its tie to taxes, location, size, costs and need of the facility being covered. There’s no link as of yet, but we’re figuring that you’ll be able to find it on their front page close to start time.  Some current info – last week, the BJCC Board approved Langford’s funding plan for the facility, shortly after hearing via an independent study that downtown is the best location for it. The BJCC is now reviewing architecture proposals for the project  (a source of debate here in The Magic City for at least the past 10 years).