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Birmingham-JeffCo History Museum is full-speed ahead

Photo by Bob Farley/f8PhotoThe Birmingham-Jefferson History Museum is getting close to keeping its promise of opening this spring. We first mentioned the effort’s new home last summer once we’d figured out that the murals that had been in the Lyric Theater had been moved to the museum’s soon to be temporary space.

We shared some photos that took a closer look at the unfinished work of art that will no doubt play a prominent role in the early days of the facility ion this site’ Gallery back in June. We’re using one of those images here in this piece as well.

Laura Kate at Magic City Manifesto recently stumbled across the museum’s hopefully temporary home over at the Center for Regional Planning and Architecture (a.k.a that building on 18th Street and 1st Avenue North) and found out that it is indeed planning to open in late April (the 29th to be exact).

Hopefully folks will learn more about additional plans in the coming weeks.

Photo: Bob Farley/f8Photo

This week’s #bhamchat

Last night’s #bhamchat was unexpectedly delayed for several reasons.For those looking forward to it, especially in light of all of the news events from yesterday, I apologize for not giving adequate notice.

It’s our intention to hold it this evening instead (Wednesday, July 15) starting at 6:30 p.m. CT. If you’ve got any ideas for topics for this evening, and your suggestion to the comments section below.

For those not familiar with #bhamchat, check out this explanation over on my Birmingham.

Election ’09: We’ve got a date!

New Birmingham, Alabama logoWe learned yesterday that this year’s municipal elections in Birmingham will take place on August 25. The Birmingham Election Commission set the elections for City Council and the school board after it received approval from the U.S. Department of Justice last week. The decision means that we’ll be voting on the same day as much of the rest of the state this year.

We’re aware of several people who’ve already declared themselves as candidates in this year’s City Council races; we’ve even heard a few rumbles about the folks thinking about running for the school board seats.

Who do you know who’s announced their intentions to run?

CAWBC Scholarship deadline extended

We’ve just received word that the deadline for applications for The Elizabeth Conwell Schlarb Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs‘ Scholarship Fund has been extended until next Friday, March 13 at 5 p.m.

We’ve got some information about the scholarship up from the post announcing the original deadline.