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New editor, website for Birmingham Weekly

Birmingham Weekly logoBirmingham Weekly has named a permanent replacement for former editor Glenny Brock, who left the paper earlier this year. Sam George is set to be formally introduced at the Weekly’s new managing editor next month; he posted this farewell to readers of bham.fm earlier today.

Media of Birmingham has an interview with Sam on their site. George most recently served as an editor and web designer for bham.fm. Some of you may also remember Sam as one of the original contributors to this website’s Timetable section.

His formal introduction in the print edition will coincide with a relaunch of the Weekly‘s website, possibly this Thursday. For those interested in a sneak peek, we’ve been able to secure a screenshot of the redesigned website.

Fleabomb’s going to be OK too

The difference is that it won’t be as frequent. So says the founder of Birmingham’s original alternative online website, Stanley Holditch, in a recent post on its current incarnation. We know it’s been up for a while, but we felt obligated to point it out to those of you that didn’t know. it’s a rough time here for media of all types as we say goodbye to WBHM’s Steve Chiotakis tomorrow morning, farewell to AL.com’s Grant Cannon as he heads off to Chicago today, and this. We’re didn’t think of Stanley’s post as a farewell, especially with the pictures of his newborn, but we think the least y’all should do is stop on over and tell him how much you appreciate what he’s done for Birmingham.