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Time to make plans…

In all fairness, we here at the Terminal thought you might need more time to plan for the weekend. Some of the events we highlight have limited seating or the potential to sell out quickly. While we can’t keep stuff from selling out, we’re at least going to give you more of a fighting chance by giving you a heads up a few days earlier.

So if you care to see what Christina basically has planned for her weekend and the events she thinks you’ll be interested in too, click here to keep reading.

You might also be interested in finding out which area chicken salads Terri’s “In Love With”…

OK folks, here’s the 411 for the weekend

While yours truly flies back into Birmingham tomorrow evening after a cold (but productive) week in Washington, DC, you need to be checking out Christina’s picks for activities and Sam’s picks for music today for this weekend (and show your appreciation to them and the rest of the staff for the work they’ve done this week.) Hopefully we’ll have Terri’s “In Love With” column up later this evening (after my second test that is…). And if you haven’t seen Trav’s interview with our own John Morse about another aspect of his life over on Timetable, get over there now!

For those wondering where this week’s edition of the express is – it will arrive in your inbox sometime tomorrow afternoon.

And (though I doubt it) if you’re asking yourself “Why’s AndrĂ© up in the Nation’s Capital?“, check out the return (finally) of my column over on my Birmingham on Monday morning and this section of the site all next week to find out.

P.S. there is no staff meeting this week. Our next meeting will be on Saturday, February 2.